Death Toll From Torrential Rains In Southern Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Sul Rises To 60

The death toll from torrential rains in southern Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul has risen to 60 while thousands are still stranded. Rescue officials said another 67 people are missing in the state. The record-breaking floods devastated cities and forced thousands to leave their homes. More than 23,000 people had to leave their homes due to the worst floods in 80 years.


On Thursday, a dam at a hydroelectric plant between the cities of Bento Goncalves and Cotipora partially collapsed and entire cities in the Taquari River valley, such as Lajeado and Estrela, were completely overtaken by water. In the town of Feliz, 80 km from the state capital, Porto Alegre, a massively swollen river swept away a bridge that connected it with the neighbouring city of Linha Nova.

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