From ‘Darkness to Light’, Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust celebrates silver jubliee and AGM in Jammu.

The Annual General Body meeting of the Trustees of Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust (GDCT) was held here in Jammu on 6thJanuary at Trust Complex, Jammu. Trustees from all across the state and all walks of life participated in the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion Chairman, GDCT Jb. Hamid Choudhary expressed his gratitude towards all those past and present members of trust who have been instrumental in shaping the destiny of trust over last 25 years, reserving his special gratitude for the patron in Chief Jb Masood Choudhary whose vision led to the creation of the trust for Gurjar community. Jb Hamid Choudhary while delivering on his promises made to the members said that he had promised during elections of trust that the membership of the trust which was limited to 33 members only will be increased, and today he is satisfied that under his chairmanship the membership has reached nearly 200. Previously the trust had 28 governing body members and the membership of governing body will increase to 51 now. The drive will continue and he appealed the community to join GDCT to strengthen the resolve of development and growth of the community.

While expressing his satisfaction over the trust run school Khuda Baksh (KB) Memorial Public Hr Sec. School he said that the school has nearly 1200 students and it provides quality education not only to Gurjar community children but to various under privileged sections of society across all faiths. He further added that converting the School into a college and university will be a priority of the trust and he will need trust and confidence of the members in this noble act.  He appealed the members of the community to continue pursuing education and learning as tools to set foot in modern times with enlightened outlook. He added that the trust will continue its relentless effort in ameliorating and uplifting the marginalized Gurjar community and place it at par with other communities in the state. Seeking suggestions from the members of GDCT who were present there in large numbers, he appealed them to come forward and offer their suggestions to trust so that the functioning and performance of the trust can be further improved.

While speaking on the occasion Chief patron of the trust Jb. Masood Choudhary appraised the members of the trust that the sole aim of the trust is to uplift the tribal Gurjar community socially, educationally and to preserve the culture, language and rich traditions of the community. He lauded the efforts of the trust in upgrading the girl’s hostel to a capacity of 200 and assured the members present that the trust will continue to good work for the community. Terming education as the main stay of development and growth, Jb. Masood Choudhary said that there were time when English education was a taboo and people had to face lot of resentment, however times have changed and the community has understood the importance and scope of education.

Sh Masood Choudhary further said that this year the trust will celebrate its 25th anniversary and as an outreach program th trust will conduct seminars and other activities apart from initiating various up gradation work of GDCT complex.

On this occasion the trust released a power point presentation depicting the last 25 years of journey of GDCT and various nostalgic moments of Gurjar community prime amogst them was the visit paid by the Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru in year 1935 in Pahalgam, and the visit of Mrs Indira Gandhi. The PPT also highlighted the visit paid by Mrs Sonia Gandhi to GDCT and her interaction with Gurjar community.

Seeking suggestions and taking note of the valuable suggestions, the chairman of trust Sh Hamid Choudhary addressed the gathering that he likes challenges and it will be his endeavor to take the community and GDCT to new heights overseeing the development and prosperity of whole nationalist Gurjar community.



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