Geelani Breaks Down At Sopore, Says He Lives In A Jail

SRINAGAR : Kashmir’s ailing JRL leader Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday broke down in his brief talk with people at Sopore where he had gone to condole the death of his son-in-law. He said he has been living in jail literally where he is under the tight guard of the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the CRPF.

“My aim has been to go to people and tell them about Islam, the ongoing movement and to sympathise with the people who suffer oppression,” Geelani is heard talking to the mourners in a frail language. “But I not being permitted as I live at a place where I cannot move out. I have a vehicle of police and CRPF outside my gate. Even if I have to go and see a doctor, the police accompany me.” He said restrictions imposed upon him have prevented him from even attending the funerals. It was at this point that he visibly got emotional.

Geelani was permitted after many years of house detention to move out. On Thursday, he was permitted to move out for offering condolences to his eldest daughter, Shafeeq, who lost her husband to cancer. Ghulam Hassan Mukhdoomi died on Tuesday after battling cancer for two years.

Given the reports that he needs a medical check-up, the supporters and attendants accompanying him to Dooru had to take extreme precautions. They left Hyderpora silently and took a bypass route to avoid Sopore. His supporters were apprehensive that if people would interrupt him in between, his movement may become difficult and that may have costs to his health.

Reporters who were on the spot at Dooru said he stayed there for almost two hours and had interaction with his daughter. “As they started crying, he interrupted telling them that while everybody has to leave the world at his or her time, they must not cry because Kashmir has lost one lakh people in last many years,” one reporter heard Geelani saying to his daughter and her children.”As the village knew that Geelani has arrived, it was quite a crowd and some were on the fencing walls to see a glimpse of him.” The reporters said that the attendants had to make serious attempts to keep the people away. He moved with his mouth mask on.

A spokesperson of the APHC (g) said that Geelani was permitted to move out after eight years for condoling the demise of his eldest son-in-law.

Consoling the children of deceased and his elder daughter, amongst thousands of mourners, he said that authorities, with a heavy heart, has let him come to this place after about eight years, the spokesman said.

“Speaking at the occasion he said that I have been confined in the four walls of my house since 2010 with a large contingent of police and CRPF,” the statement issued to the media by the party said. “My residence has actually been changed into a prison, where every visitor is frisked and searched so minutely that people including our relatives are reluctant to visit us.”

Deliberating about the prevailing situation in the valley, Geelani, according to the statement said that “our pious and sacred movement demands utmost unity, dedication, oneness and sincerity” as a nation and “we in no way can afford to compromise with the holy blood of our martyrs for pretty personnel gains, no matter how big and mighty they are.”

“I have always reaffirmed my stand that we never demanded any legitimate piece of land from India, but only demands our basic and birthright, i.e. right to self-determination,  promised by the Indian leaders with a global witness and world guarantee,” the statement quoting Geelani said. In response, he said, Kashmir was crushed with military might. “But our resolve and unparalleled sacrifices have proved it beyond doubt that this arrogant mindset has miserably failed to kill our emotions and dilute our vigour for freedom.” He said Kashmir has lost three generations to India’s denial.

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