Govt cracks down on unauthorized LTC claims..

In an effort to streamline administrative procedures, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has mandated that all Government officers and officials obtain prior approval before availing Leave Travel Concession (LTC).

The directive, issued to all Administrative Secretaries and Heads of Departments, also includes a strict no-tolerance policy towards post-facto sanctions of LTC.

According to a recent order, the Government has noticed a trend where some employees proceeded on LTC without the necessary approvals, contravening the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (LTC) Rules established in 2019.

These infractions, as per the order, have led to unnecessary referrals to the General Administration and Finance Departments, which the authorities aim to curtail.
In response, the Government has reinforced the need for timely LTC application submissions and emphasized punitive measures against those who bypass the proper channels.

The measures are designed to ensure adherence to protocols and reduce administrative burdens, ensuring a more efficient process within government departments.

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