Hamid Choudhary appointed Vice President of J&K PDP; Nayeem Akhtar claims the pyramid of politics has inverted.

In run upto the assembly elections J&K Peoples Democratic Party has appointed Hamid Choudhary who is currently chief coordinator Jammu , as the vice president of J&K PDP. This development came today while the party is currently under soul searching mode.

This development is also important in light of remarks made by senior leader and founder member Muzaffar Baigh who has acknowledged that party has committed mistakes and it is important for the top leadership to interact with grass root activists and promote genuine and dedicated members of party. Hamid Choudhary who is a very influential Gurjar leader and Chairman  of Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has been actively promoting PDP and arranging mass PDP gatherings in Jammu. Apart from this Hamid Choudhary has deep clout and mass following in Gurjar community which is considered to be a very important factor in this promotion.

We had a telephonic conversation with Naeem Akhtar senior leader and one of the founding members of PDP who while confirming the news said that Hamid Choudhary has been appointed as Vice President of the Party.

In addition while reacting to Omar Abdullah’s statement which he made while addressing the press conference in ‘One Day Youth Convention’ at Jammu that if Nayeem Akhtar is interested in joining JKNC he should submit the registration form and we will take it up on merit. Nayeem Akhtar replied that his statement in which he (Nayeem Akhtar) had said that the pyramid of political parties has inverted seems to be unacceptable to Omar Sahab. Further saying that previously the brain drain in terms of members was out of JKNC into other parties but in contemporary times a reverse brain drain has shaped up where Sher I Kashmir’s party ( JKNC)  is snatching members from Mufti Sayeed’s (PDP).

Nayeem Akhtar while saying that even 80 year old members are being snatched by JKNC today and it is happening only because Omar Abdullah has not inspired any new entrant into his party. All these four years he has been weaving stories with PDP members adding that Omar failed to mention these things and claims Nayeem Akhtar to join JKNC. In a candid and bold statement Nayeem Akhtar said that he is not at service of Omar Abdullah, adding that under his chief ministership, he (Nayeem Akhtar) even resigned from government services.

It seems that the election bugle has been blown interestingly without any official declaration of elections and the political parties in state are geared up for show of strength with ‘men and words.’


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