House on Indo-Bangladesh border has dwellers from both countries


When we think of international borders between two countries, we often tend to come across either secured checkpoints or, perhaps, unremarkable, isolated, and imaginary dividers between the two pieces of land.

In this context, it would be very interesting to note that a house located on the zero-line (no fencing in an area of 385 yards) between India and Bangladesh is home to people who belong to the two different countries.

The house is located in Haripukur, on the India-Bangladesh border.

Interestingly, the house draws attention as ‘Bangladesh’ is written on the left wall while ‘India’ on the other side. This identification clearly indicates that all dwellers in the house do not belong to the same country. People share the same house, celebrate festivals together and continue their daily works without affecting anyone’s interest, despite vigilant security at all times.

The Border Security Force and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) keep their troops deployed on respective sides of the India-Bangladesh border.

Speaking to ANI, BGB Major Nayeem commander said that they do not face much problem due to a cordial relationship with India but remain cautious at the same time.

The BSF too reiterated the same thing to ANI.

BSF commander B.S. Negi told ANI that the BSF and the BGB ensure the security and safety of zero-line.

“Apparently, there is no line between temples and mosques here, but people are not fear-free. They do feel some sort of restrictions due to round the clock presence of security forces. Bangladeshis and Indians have a separate mosque to offer Namaz prayers. Even before any celebration or festival security forces are intimated,” Negi added.

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