Intimate relationships might get affected for people with inflammatory arthritis






A recent study has found links between inflammatory arthritis and its impact on intimacy and sexual function in both men and women.

The analysis in the journal ‘Arthritis Care and Research’ included 55 studies.

According to the study, people suffering with inflammatory arthritis depicted a greater prevalence of sexual dysfunction as compared to other individuals.

“Sexual health and positive relationships are key factors in a person’s general sense of well being, yet these issues are not routinely dealt with in practice,” said senior author Dr. Andrew Briggs.

For both men and women, certain factors including pain, fatigue, and mobility restrictions are contributors to sexual dysfunction diminishing sexual desire.

Men who largely accounted for sexual dysfunction, suffered from erectile dysfunction, while females despite sexual dysfunction, experienced pressure to continue intimate relationships. This causes stress in relationships for some people.

Dr. Briggs added, “Our data suggest that consideration of the impact of inflammatory arthritis on sexual health and intimacy may be important for the holistic management of people with inflammatory arthritis.”

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