The city of Temples will have another distinction this summer when it will be placed on the circuit of ‘International Film Festival’ This was announced by an eminent theatrist and promoter of ‘Vomendh Rangmanch’ Rakesh Roshan Bhat today at Jammu in a press conference.

Rakesh Roshan Bhat, the festival director said that cinema as a form of art has emerged as a very key form in modern times. Jammu and Kashmir has a lot of inherent talent and has contributed a great deal in all facets of cinema and films. Jammu in specific has great talent but a disconnect exists in terms of formal training avenues or platforms to showcase talent. Also, there is a need to put Jammu on the world map for it’s potential with regards to Arts in general and films in particular. Thus, we are starting an annua international Film Festival called ‘Jammu Film Festival’ from 2019. It is tentatively scheduled to be held in May this year. The exact dates would be announced soon.

A film festival in Jammu will give the Jammu region much needed visibility since the other two regions of the state Kashmir and Ladakh already have film festivals.

Besides the highly competent local talent, Jammu region also has a lot of scenic locations. Jammu film festival is an attempt to provide a platform to bridge this gap between the industry and the resources available in Jammu, said Rohit Bhat who is the festival co director.

The first edition will be focused on only short films. A nominal fee will be charged for the entries and a competent jury will select the best movies in each category. A special category will be made for promoting local aspiring film makers. Another special category will be focused on encouraging movies highlighting the conflicts impacting the human race. These conflicts could be  man to man or man to nature as well. The festival will recognize and award the winning  entries. There will be an annual ‘inspiring icon’ award given to a person of J&K origin who has made it big in Bollywood. Rest of the details will be available soon on the website www.jammufilmfestival.com

Many Bollywood personalities including the ones from J&K are likely to attend the festival. The festival will showcase the select entries and will feature lot of workshops on acting and other technical aspects over 2 days.

Lalit Parimoo, a renowned Bollywood actor and acting Guru will be on the jury panel and also conduct an acting workshop. He is also the core team member of festival.

Both Rakesh and Rohit are noted theatre personalities and have recently ventured into film making too. Rohit has previously managed production of daily soaps and films and Rakesh Roshan Bhat is a noted playwright and short film maker.

Roots in Fateh Kadal Entertainment owned by Meenakshi Rakesh Bhat will be the strategic partner for festival.



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