Pak has started a war, we will end it: G D Bakshi




In a sharp reaction to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements on the deadly Pulwama attack, Retired Major General Gagandeep Bakshi has termed the killing of 40 soldiers in a premeditated operation as an “act of war” and it is now for India to finish what Pakistan had started.

Citing Khan’s televised address earlier on Tuesday, Bakshi said, “On 14th February his Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) network attacked our CRPF convey and killed 40 people. JeM has proudly owned up to it. What they did is not an act of terror; it is an act of war. They started it but we will finish it.”

He also asserted that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was not elected to the post but selected by the country’s army for the job.

“Imran Khan is a selected prime minister and not elected prime minister. He was selected by Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa, who is now arm twisting him to give an extension.

“Imran Khan is not in control of the army that we know but it is now known that he is not even in control of Masood Azhar. We have tolerated much but won’t tolerate now. Imran Khan is an onlooker, his army doesn’t listen to him and Jaish doesn’t listen to him either,” said Bakshi.

On being asked about Pakistan Prime Minister’s rhetoric of asking evidence of his country’s involvement in the Pulwama terror attack, Bakshi said, “Evidence is only required when the murderer denies the charge but here JeM has already broadcast to the world that they did this attack. Evidence is usually presented when accused pleads not guilty but that’s not the case here.”

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier today promised “action” if “actionable intelligence” is provided by India about links to Pulwama attack in his country but warned of retaliation, without even thinking, if any kind of military action is launched by India.

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