PM Imran on Pulwama attack: If India attacks, Pak won’t have any option than to retaliate back Listen




Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan while responding  on the Pulwama attack  in a  statement broadcasted on Tuesday.

 Imran started his address clarifying that he did not address the issue earlier due to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan.

He also ruled out any possibility of Pakistan being responsible for the attack at a time when a high-profile visit from the Saudi royal is underway.

“India has always accused Pakistan without any proof”.

He continued, ” If India has evidence, they should give it to us and we will take action. I welcome all kinds of investigations to be done to find out the perpetrators of the attack.”

 Imran stated that he has come across calls for attack on Pakistan through Indian media and said, “If India retaliates, we will not think but retaliate back as we would be left with no other option.”

“Its not in our interests that somebody from here goes out to do terrorism, nor that somebody comes here and does terrorism.”

He added, “India should realise that the answer to the dispute doesn’t lie in a one-dimensional, military oppression in Kashmir.”

“India should hence review its policies,” he said.

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