PM Modi to reach Varanasi on one-day visit this afternoon

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach his parliamentary constituency -Varanasi on his one  day visit this afternoon. He will dedicate and inaugurate  several projects costing 2413 crores including two national highways to the people. He will also dedicate a inland multi modal terminal port constructed at the cost of rupees 207 crores on river Ganga here at Ramnagar.

This is the first of the four multi modal terminals being constructed on NW-I (River Ganga) as part of the World Bank aided Jal Marg Vikas project of the Inland Waterways Authority of India. The other three terminals are under construction at Sahibganj, Haldia and Gazipur.

In a major push to India’s inland waterways transportation sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also receive a large container vessel traveled for the first time on inland waterways in country.

Our Varanasi correspondent reported that people are eagerly waiting to receive their revered leader Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi who in a short while will reach here and open a box of gifts in form of various developmental projects. He will dedicate and inaugurate 17 projects here  today.

In order to welcome Narendra Modi, the town is richly decorated and heavy security arrangements are put in place. The development projects which are opening here today will transform not only Varanasi but open new wings of development for Purvanchal. Now, this temple town Kashi is all set to become Quoto Model.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi,during his 15th visit the town,  will dedicate to the nation, two important national highways  having a total length of 34 kilometers and constructed at a cost of Rupees 1571 crore and 95 lakhs . These highways will decongest traffic flow,reduse pollution and  open ways of development in the town and Purvanchal.

He will also dedicate three important sevege disposal system projects that will change the face and shape of the town making it cleaner and healthier. Sri Modi is slated to hold a road show on newly constructed Babatpur highway.

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