Prove that I’m corrupt: PM Modi’s open challenge to ‘mahamilavati’ leaders





Claiming his probity while asserting that he has been in office for more than 2 decades – first as chief minister of Gujarat and then as prime minister – Narendra Modi has openly challenged the opposition to prove his involvement in any corruption scam.

“I am giving an open challenge to the ‘mahamilavati’, if they have the guts then rather than abusing me they should accept my challenge. I challenge them to show whether I have any undeclared assets, farmhouses, or shopping complex, or whether my money is stacked in foreign banks. Prove that I have any property in any foreign land, bungalows worth crores, high-end cars worth lakhs and crores of rupees,” he said while addressing an election rally here on Tuesday.

“Neither have I ever dreamt of becoming rich nor have I ever looted poor’s money. For me the welfare of poor and protecting motherland is more important than my life,” he added.

The Prime Minister said he considers abuses hurled at him by the opposition leaders as a sort of ‘gift’, adding that people, by voting BJP to power, will give a befitting reply to them on his behalf.

“These ‘mahamilavati’ people SP, BSP and Congress all are abusing me. Not a single day has passed when they have not abused me. This is their condition after the sixth phase of the election. I consider their abuses as a gift. I will not reply to them, you will reply by voting for BJP,” said Modi. “Now ‘mahamilavatis’ are asking about my caste. I have been the chief minister of Gujarat for more than the tenure of ‘Bua'(Mayawati) and ‘babua'(Akhilesh Yadav) taken together collectively. I have contested many elections myself and have also made others contest, but I have never taken the support of my caste.”

The Prime Minister continued, “I was born in an extremely backward community and I worked for taking the nation forward. Caste is neither in my mind nor in my consciousness, neither I give in the name of caste nor I seek support in the name of caste. There is no caste-based discrimination in deciding the beneficiaries of public welfare schemes floated by me and hence I do not seek a vote in the name of caste.”

He also alleged that SP and BSP workers have now started ‘quarrelling’ among themselves.

“Last night when I reached Delhi, on television I watched SP and BSP workers quarrelling. They were breaking each other’s heads, abusing each other and tearing each other’s clothes. The country is watching them, the last phase of election is still left and they have started settling scores with each other,” he quipped.

In Uttar Pradesh, the remaining 13 seats out of 80 Lok Sabha seats at stake will go to polls in the last phase of elections on May 19. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.

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