Punjab CM Amarinder Singh hints at changing Siddhu’s portfolio







Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Thursday hinted at changing the portfolio of his cabinet colleague Navjot Singh Siddhu.

Earlier on the same day, Singh had also blamed Siddhu, who is the Local government Minister, for party’s poor performance in urban areas.

“Urban vote bank has been our backbone in Punjab but Siddhu’s failure to do development work impacted the party,” Singh had said.

Asked if the party high-command was on the same page, Singh in a TV interview to a channel said, “I raised the issue some months back and it was decided that decision would be taken after the elections.”

He also said that he was confident that party president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi would agree with his views in the interest of the state and the party.

Singh had also said that Sidhu’s damaging remarks ahead of polling in Punjab might have affected the party’s performance in Bathinda.

He also said that he would take up the issue of Siddhu’s statement, blaming him for denying party ticket to his wife from Chandigarh Lok Sabha constituency, with the central leadership.

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