Re-live pain of exodus, and celebrate existence: Youth 4 Panun Kashmir

Youth 4 Panun Kashmir, the youth wing of Panun Kashmir, held its Annual Executive Body Meeting at Faridabad on 21st and 22nd December 2018. Members from across the country participated in the two day deliberation, with members outside India joining over Skype. The executive body prepared a roadmap with near-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and milestones. The organizational structure was also reviewed, along with deliberations on clear roles and responsibilities.

The executive body held detailed discussions for planning the proposed annual exodus day event – “29 in Exile”. Rahul Razdan, Gen Secy Y4PK, explained how the 24 hour event has been conceived to ensure the community keeps alive its exile consciousness and the new generations of the community experience the pain that the community went through in these 29 years.

He explained that the program will essentially comprise of three broad areas:

  1. Remember the past to understand what the community has gone through, revisiting those harsh times of 1990s, and appreciating the pain that the community had to endure.
  2. Celebrate the present, and the resilience of the community to pick up their lives even after going through a genocide, and yet rebuilding through focus on future and development instead of looking for revenge and violence.
  3. Reaffirm our resolve to return to our homeland as per our geo-political aspirations. Rahul Kaul, President Y4PK, explained that as part of “29 in Exile”, the community members will re-live the pain of those days. Volunteers of the community will recreate the conditions of the first day of exodus with a makeshift camp of tents and live that day all over again – feeling the pain of the people who witnessed the exodus, and ensuring the community renews its vow for achieving their demand of return to their homeland as per their geo-political aspirations. The 24-hour program will begin at 10 am on 19th January, and complete at 10 am on 20th January, every year. The program will comprise of series of talks on the current and past exoduses, photo exhibitions, artistic displays and renditions, documentary screenings, tribute to the martyrs, and so on. The event shall cover three main goals:
  4. Ensure Kashmiri Pandits never forget the genocide they have been subjected to, and they always strive to ensure the community never has to go through this again!
  5. Ensure the world at large is also reminded, and not allowed to forget, the pain that Kashmiri Pandits were subjected to, while they turned a blind eye towards them!
  6. Remind the Government, as well as the perpetrators of crimes against Kashmiri Pandits that the community will not forget, nor forgive, and will not stop short of anything but a separate homeland where the community can live with honor and dignity, governed completely as per the constitution of India, with constitutional guarantee of non-refoulement!

Present on the occasion, Vijay Raina, President Kashmiri Samiti Delhi, assured complete support of KSD in coorganizing the program with Y4PK. Senior members of Panun Kashmir like Kamal Hak and Dr Shakti Bhan, and other eminent members of the community like Susheel Pandit, Rohit Bhat, Digember Raina, Vithal Chowdhary and others also participated actively in detailing out the plan for the future.

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