Rohingya hutments catch fire in Jammu, Firemen prevent the fire from spreading.

A Major tragedy averted by swift and timely action of Fire fighters from Roop Nagar, Fire Station in Jammu here yesterday.

At around 14.15 hrs on Monday a call was received by the concerned fire station about a raging fire in an open area at Ganga/Bharat Nagar Bantalab. Roop Nagar fire station immediately under the supervision of in-charge Kanwal Peshin swung into action along with his team Jan Mohd (Driver), Alam Ali LFM, Vimal Raina and Karamat Ali. Upon reaching the site it was found that nearly 7-10 jugghis had cought fire and it was raging towards nearlby houses.

In absolute presence of mind the Roop nagar firemen called in another fire tender another fire tender crew headed by Ajeet Singh LFM, Dev Raj MD, Surjeet Singh Sgt Fireman and Ghar Singh. Five Juggies belonging to Myanamar residents Mohd Erope, Mohd Alam, Kafaya Tullah, Dilbara Begum, Iaman Hussain suffered complete damages while as 2 juggies and 2 residential houses were saved.

In-charge Roop Nagar Fire station, Kanwal Peshin said, When we reached the spot, we could see fire all around us in jugghis. We had to call in another fire tender and the whole process of extinguishing the fire took us nearly three hours. The area was completely filled with refuse material including plastic which is highly inflammable.” He added, “It was due to swift action of fire fighting team that the damage could be limited to these jugghis and fire was not allowed to spead to the nearby houses.”

Noteworthy, this is the same team of fire fighters which in recent past was involved in similar situation in Lower Roop Nagar area and was instrumental in controlling a similar raging fire also saving life and property.


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