Social Media abuzz with Altaf Bukhari quitting PDP as formation of Third Front is on final stage. Bukhari terms it a rumor.

After BJP snapped its ties with PDP and came out of alliance leading to eventual dissolution of State Legislative Assembly by Governor six months has created an era of uncertainly and reasonable chaos.

With the President’s rule in place and elections as per provisions of Constitution of India Article 356 have to take place in next six months time in all probability political maneuverability and shifting of political parties proverbial sinking ships is fast shaping up.

Seemingly PDP is at the receiving end and loosing trust of not only the electorate but its own party confidents who enjoyed ministerial positions in government. The talks of PDP fragmenting into smaller factions and its leaders joining other parties gained momentum right from the day BJP pulled out of government.

The saga of shifting allegiances is not limited to PDP only, BJP too lost one of its faces representing a section of society.

As per reliable sources, Altaf Bukhari seemingly is going to quit PDP within next few days and will form Third Front with Gh Hassan Mir and Hakeem Yaseen.

However, when contacted by API, Altaf Bukhari refuted the rumors as baseless and false, terming them as acts of purposely tarnishing the image of PDP.

He further said that “There is an attempt to tarnish PDP’s image .There is no question of quitting the party,” he while talking with API News said  I request all my well-wishers, party workers and people in general to not believe in such rumors.”

Notably, Altaf Bukhari had made a statement few days back affirming that Congress, PDP and NC will join hands to form government.

“My leadership has confirmed it to us that the three parties (Congress, PDP & NC) have agreed to make a coalition to defend the special identity of the state politically and legally. Very soon you will get a good news”


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