Tension in India and Pakistan could affect Afghan-peace process: Zahid Nasurllah Khan


Pakistan Ambassador to Afghanistan Zahid Nasrullah Khan on Tuesday claimed that the escalation of tension between India and Pakistan could have serious implication over Afghan-peace process.

“Since the development is so momentous that it can affect the stability of the entire region,” Tolo news quoted Zahid as saying.

This came in the wake of deescalation of India and Pakistan relations after the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed by a Pakistan-sponsered JeM terrorist.

While talking about Pakistan efforts in the peace process, he said, “Pakistan is making a very major effort, playing its key role which is being recognized internationally. But it is a shared responsibility. Everyone has a responsibility towards it and Pakistan has a limited role in that, but what limited role we have, we are playing that. We also have limited influence. So expect Pakistan deliver on each and every account I think is not reasonable. Yes, we believe that it has to be intra-Afghan talks that is where all issues will be decided.” he said.

Echoing the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent warning to India, The Pakistan envoy also said that the country will strike back against any military hostility by New Delhi.

Zahid remarks came hours after Imran Khan warned India that his country will retailiation if military action is launched by India.

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