US President Announces Strictest Regulation On Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Ever Introduced In US..

US President Joe Biden has announced the strictest regulation on vehicle exhaust emissions ever introduced in the US in a bid to accelerate the auto-industry’s shift to electric cars. In a statement yesterday, he said that US is setting new pollution standards for cars and trucks. Biden said, US workers will lead the world on autos making clean cars and trucks.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the new regulation will prevent 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 30 years. Electric Vehicles made up just 7.6 percent of new car sales last year. But by 2032, the standards will mean EVs make up 35 percent to 56 percent of sales, as per EPA.

Environmental groups broadly welcomed the measure, though some activists expressed disappointment that it was not stronger.

US is taking a more moderate approach than the European Union and UK, which will ban all sales of petrol-powered cars from 2035.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced last year he was delaying the British ban by five years from its original deadline of 2030.


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