No laptop ban on US flights from Europe for now: US

Meanwhile, the two leaders expressed grave concern on North Korea’s continued development of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes, including uranium enrichment activities, and strongly urged North Korea to refrain from such actions which adversely impact peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, and to fully comply with its international obligations and commitments.

They called upon North Korea and all relevant parties to take early and effective steps to realise denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, the statement said.

The two Prime Ministers reaffirmed their determination to cooperate in the relevant fora against proliferation activities posing a regional and global threat.

Modi and Rajoy also expressed their support for peace, stability, prosperity, security and integrity of Afghanistan.

They called for early peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan through an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process in keeping with internationally accepted redlines.

Spain and India also stressed on climate action with the two leaders reiterating their commitment to implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, its Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

The two leaders agreed to strengthen the bilateral cooperation to foster effective initiatives, to facilitate the transfer or access to environmentally sound technologies and know how, and to promote collaboration among different stakeholders to increaseresilience to the adverse impacts of climate change in Spain and India, the statement said.

Modi and Rajoy also stressed the urgency to implement a sustainable water management.

They agreed to foster the development of infrastructures and water services with the help of public-private partnerships, as well as to encourage the efficient use of water throughout the urban, rural and industrial sector and to promote waste water treatment to guarantee one basic human right, which is the access to drinking water and sanitation.

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