Humanoid robot NAO to be programmed in hindi

French humanoid robot NAO is being programmed to understand commands in Hindi by an Udaipur-based engineering college. Techno India NJR Institute has purchased the programmable robot from its French developer Aldebaran Robotics for research and education purposes and is working on its language programming. “We purchased the robot for our students of computer science. The robot works on artificial intelligence and can work in 18 languages.

We are updating its language programming and it will be able to follow instructions in Hindi and work accordingly,” the institute’s director, R S Vyas, said today. He said that further customisation as per Indian needs will also be done so that the robot can be used efficiently in the country.

Vyas claimed that Techno India NJR Institute is the first college in Rajasthan to purchase the robot which can perform several things such as interaction with humans, recognise shapes and objects, access the internet among others.

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