Trump seeks to downplay reports of his isolation at G20 Summit

Washington, Jul 14 (PTI) US President Donald Trump today said that he has a good relationship with all G20 leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, as he sought to downplay reports that he was isolated at the last week’s summit of the bloc in Germany.

India and 18 other members of the G20 during their summit in the German city of Hamburg last week termed the Paris climate deal as “irreversible” and threw their weight behind the landmark agreement from which Washington has decided to pull out.

Trump responding to questions related to the summit said, “It’s a good thing that I have a good relationship with (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping). It’s a good thing I have a good relationship with every one of them – Modi – you saw that.”

He was referring to his instant chemistry with Modi when he visited the White House last month.

“Every single one of them of all 19 – there’s 20 with us. All 19, I have a great relationship with,” Trump told reporters on board Air Force One who were travelling with him from Washington DC to Paris.


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