Barely Enigmatic

As I was born in a family that was solely into construction business I had the privilege of traveling at an early age as my Father would take me along to the work sites and various offices whenever I insisted. It was an amazing experience for young lad barely out of the kindergarten.People in those times were more accountable to themselves rather than to anyone else. Simplistic way of life was what everyone yearned for.

Irrespective of the dispensation, sincerity to assignment was akin to worshipping GOD and seldom would they indulge in dereliction and deliberate commissions and yes this amazing word “Kickbacks “ wasn’t heard of . As I was privy to my father’s dealings with the All and Sundry , all I could understand that the best manner one could repay the obligation was to offer a box of famous sweets or fruits from the Native Town or village.In exceptional circumstances the level would be raised by hosting high tea. Babus commanded great respect and so did the politicians. Generally people were helpful and community would live in harmony.

I am reminded of an incident while accompanying my father to a site , An inspection was to be conducted by the Zonal Chief Engineer. At lunch everyone broke out of the group to grab a bite out their respective tiffins, The Engineer in Chief too was served whatever he was carrying in his paraphernalia. No special arrangements no canopies erected.
The officers got over with the break to resume their business. I grew up admiring my father for whom Values, Word and Commitment were beyond everything. Perhaps, these characteristics were held close to heart by people around that time.
There were many a transition in the society with the passage of time. The wedge between the poor and the rich grew wide and beyond stitch.

No one took a sincere endeavour to address this menacing Develpment with a result both levels of society stood back to back never to turn their side.
The residual sincere lot of the freedom struggle were side stepped and were not heard to understand this stark change on the Indian Land. Besides, the new generation was too busy catching up with the fast paced international glitz and glamor with hardly any time for the national obligations.

Practically the bosses got swayed into building real estate assets all around and park their” Kickbacks” to safe havens . The term kickback got much publicity after the expose’ of the 155 mmHowitzer gun deal.There were many more to follow after the VP Singh led govt initiated bundle of investigations into the shoddy deals by the former establishments. Where was country headed . Country’s plight was reminiscent to the events of MAHABHARATA. Stripping and selling went on brazenly.

The fundamental forces let loose their terror with impunity as these organisations had active and adequate aid and support from the masters in the neighbourhood. Even these preachers cum instigators of hatred got familiar to “kickbacks “. Easy money and easy access aggravated the greed. People at the helm became so lured to their pound of flesh, they forgot to care whose Flesh was it anyway. But as things went from worse to ugly, They found no fear in Almighty or the Law of the Land , and in their will full obsession to play with fire, engineered the Murder of a DySP. Little apprehensive of the consequence that could possibly take the steam out of prolonged movement for Azadi…

One would vouch for the fact that when the fire is directed towards the security personnel , especially the local police, things turn to move in favour of the administration as Cop would avenge the death of the colleague,” Come What May”. The pattern adopted by then Top cop KPS Gill after a number of Punjab Police officers were targeted by the Pak sponsored terrorists, was incorporated by the  state police that got into action mode to identify and liquidate The perpetrators.
But these times were witness to one alarming development . Only the poor and the law abiding were the worst hit. Compromises led to disaster after disaster, the zest for political up man ship tore the fabric of society. There were only few Wasseypurs in the country ridden with poverty and disparities at the time of division.

But with the rupture of social and moral crust such sights of loot rape and indignation swarmed the entire country fragmenting the society into countless sections. As a result of such disdainful treatment meted to the large chunk of the population , the divide continued to widen creating a significant number of sects that attracted people to seek refuge at the door of these self proclaimed Demi- Gods. Here again, the sect heads patronised the high and mighty and gave clear directions to their blind followers as to whose favour they should tilt in order to influence the results of the mandate, and in lieu they too received” Kickbacks” in different manifestations.
And in the entire process one community remained ignored , didn’t receive any kickbacks. Rather they got “kick in Back” and left to fend for themselves.

The creamy layer were the privileged regardless of the caste and creed. The gulf widened even more as the political class paid little heed to the sufferings being inflicted on the masses with a callous discretion. India slipped into a hapless and miserable nation as those who promised to steer the nation out of the quagmire got over busy in toppling and trading (horses) , even in climates that were not conducive to the animal.

“A colt was seen nuzzling his mother to teach him the “ Traits of Kickback “, after all the Royal creature deserves to defend itself.

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