Kashmir family claims dead terrorist Abu Dujana as ‘son’

Anantnag (JK), Aug 4 (PTI) A family from south Kashmir claimed that LeT terrorist Abu Dujana, killed by security forces this week, was their lost son Muzafar but beat a hasty retreat when asked to give their DNA samples, officials said today.

The family from Kokernag, 64 km from Pulwama where Dujana was gunned down on Tuesday, reached here yesterday with a few others. They approached local police saying he was their son who had gone missing in 1999 and wanted to claim his body.

Given that Dujana is believed to be from Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir police had said they would ask the Pakistan High Commission to take his body, this came as a surprise, officials said.
Narrating the incident, officials in the know said the visibly agitated group demanded to know where Dujana had been buried. They wanted to claim his body and offer fresh ‘Namaz-e-Jinaza’ (last prayers). They insisted on burying him afresh in their ancestral graveyard, officials said.

The ‘family’ claimed Dujana was actually Mohammed Muzafar Magrey, son of Ghulam Mohammed Magrey, from Checki Danibat locality of Kokernag. He had fled in 1999 and never returned. But the family was unable to provide any documentary proof to back their claim, the officials said.
Faced with what could be a tricky situation, the group was asked to sit down and ready for a DNA test. Faced with the ultimatum, the group quietened down and started leaving one by
They were not seen after that, officials said, adding that the DNA sample of Dujana, buried in north Kashmir, has been preserved.
Dujana was identified by the family where he was staying with in Pulwama. They had told police that Abu Dujana had claimed his family lived in Karachi.
Dujana, whose actual identity was not known, was killed in an encounter with a joint team of police, army and para-military forces on August 2.

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