Barely Enigmatic

The other day I saw, quite often sighted,  panelists on TV participating in a debate post the successful Dujana elimination at the hands of security forces. WhileThe entire Nation (that includes Farooq Abdullah),I am sure it had nothing to do with  Bukkal Nawab  switching Loyalties , in one voice expressed their appreciation for neutralising the dreaded terrorist. One must admit that the security forces are doing their best to contain the ever mushrooming enemy sponsored cadre effectively.  Close to three decades into such operations ,they have been accused of not managing their business with precision, and we all know it was only because of the uncalled for meddling of the authorities that be at the behest of whosoever .

But the panelists as I mentioned had their own agenda to pursue. While the protagonists were busy defending their cause in favour of plebiscite to understand and settlement of the long drawn issue that has inflicted immeasurable damage on both sides, the opposition camp, (read govt. and Kashmiri Pandit representatives)  upped their ante by raising their pitch claiming enough rope had been extended and the time had come to eliminate the perpetrators from the face of the earth. It was more of hullabaloo one would witness at the small town bus stations where everyone from the conductors to the vendors and the small time salespeople want to be heard but no one gets  to understand what’s going around. Panelists begin to berate each other to extent of equating the colour of the dress worn  to the ISIS flag and so on. It all appeared to be stage managed. One would be compelled to presume as if some Hawala money might have come into play for such programmes playing to the audience . More so, the neckless short statured  government spokesman was at his worse  best to admonish the CM for raking up the National Flag controversy on one hand, forgetting that they were partners, and openly daring the opposition panelists to reach home alive,  on the other hand.  To What level  has the politics of this country come to? Politics seems no more a service to the nation, its become a profession wherein each player wants to score a goal through a penalty to receive the Award from Club Owner. Pathetically sick,  all these people whose main objective seems to please the lord and demean the country which ever way.

When a party is in opposition, it’s fine to force adjournments, but while in power they see it as wasteful exercise eating into public exchequer. While in opposition trading of elected representatives is a Taboo and coming to power it is labelled as “cleaning the system of the muck”. Perhaps that’s the definition of democracy. But one is pained to watch when Leaders at the Top level justify such discreet maiming as an Act warranted under law. Agreed, the countrymen seem to accept with hardly any choice left after voting overwhelmingly.

It’s an established reality that election campaigns across the world are funded, Industrial giants,Mafia dons, drug Cartels, Real estate builders and so on. No party has its own generation /resources to meet the expenses that come into play and in a country as vast and diverse as India, we are all well aware how many seizures are made during the process. Come to think of the actual booty that reaches the” Intended targets.”  But the best part is Everyone accuses the other party of resorting to malpractices and manipulation. So it’s true that parties and organisations are run and managed by Organising requisite Funds.

Where lies the fault with the separatist organisations , they too had a mission to pursue, a goal in mind and a Target to achieve. In order to accomplish they had to arrange funds to infuse so that the movement could reach to its logical consequence. So did they raise by seeking donations from anywhere and everywhere including overseas. Nothing was wrong with that ; they thought. But the Indian govt., shuddered out of the slumber and thought otherwise. They termed such donations as “Hawala” money . This ill gotten money reached the to the prime beneficiaries via the intermediaries. And then the proceeds went in to wage war against the State. The  ruffians and clergymen spearheading the movement thought it  was fair and propagated it as the will of God. It’s not entirely their fault.  We had a system-defunct  state where there wasn’t any effective administration, no rule of Law , no Tax regime and Elections  were a farce for decades together. Where  an innocent community was done to  death mercilessly and were deceitfully rendered homeless and hapless. How could the “Beneficiary “ be expected to adopt the genuine route to raise funds to pursue its objective.  How could the GOI ,who have been all along treating these offenders at par with the Visiting Heads of State, in  protocol, expect them to discipline over night. That’s bit unfair, after all  The Prodigal Son needs some Leverage for old time’s sake. Ever since the country became Independent every time the Government heads had been  para dropped  and  given  free hand to deal with wealth in a wreck less manner. A reality known to everyone who got rich in Kashmir over last seven decades. The By standees  were ignored all along and did not get their part of the booty. Unlimited and unaccounted tranches of funds were pumped in only to appease few ignoring the masses .

It’s the fall out of that very policy. The other group should have been taken on board. This adventure may have averted the ugly state of affairs the country is in today. Everyone would have tasted and swallowed their share out of the Basket. As these groups got dismayed and disgusted they were left with little option but to regroup and organise their cadre for which centre did not provide any funding.”Hawala” came as the best and Last resort . All those who would rake up public sentiment to incite and flare up unrest got busy in building empires for self and their prodigies . Never ever in their wilderness had they dreamt that some day they all, who have been always pampered  and patronised, would be dumped like hot potatoes and left to be scourged at the hands of Aliens.

Someone perhaps heard few of the sulking,  trying to  moan , “Rich Abante Moats” 2014 ,,,”To rescue a Sinner Like Me” .   From his album,  Lord I am Yours,,,

At times you need a” Hawala” of  Divine Intervention to save you from the Sledging and fledging you actually have erroneously Earned. And the poor Karachi Lad Abu Dujana must have regretted not being captured by security forces to spill more beans before  some Hawala sniffing NIA agents.

Eventually,  destiny delivers where you belong , despair or destitute , All  Karma  Effect.


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