Barely Enigmatic


Company holding a monopoly is problematic for the economy.Like wise, The trend happening in politics, a  major party wiping out all other parties is sure to burden itself and is heading to task itself to crumble under the weight of the guests who were lured into staying back and turned obese to out weigh the capacity of the Host. It normally doesn’t seem to be happening that way. Certainly when things are going Hunky Dory for any organisation , every move falls in place. And the job seeking, irrespective of how vehemently opposed to the ideals and policies of one time arch rivals, gladly accept to piggy ride in pursuit of keeping in league and maintaining their habitual lifestyle. Such opportunists care little about what their future could hold. A party that has stormed to power making tall declarations against the muck in the system can ill afford to load their ship with All and Sundry, we have had many experiences to recall. And a party that claims to rid the system of all the historical faults and failures of their predecessors, to keep their flame aloft and the Lotus afloat has to ponder and revisit it’s think tank to indulge in such merrymaking.

When the governments can be formed in all those states where majority is established by virtue of economics throwing to wind all the constitutional provisions, then why press is roped in to rant the en mass pleasure jaunt of Gujarat MLA’s at a Bangalore resort. Many states have witnessed such excursions in the past and no party is untouchable in this adventure. “Aap karo to Puja, hum karein to Paap”?? How far that’s fair. After all globetrotting is fine as long as what is exhibit at home is not mocked at. Strangulation should be exercised in pressing circumstances and shouldn’t be adopted as a prescription for regular cold and flu. How can we claim to be holier than the cow when we indulge ourselves in  all the worst tricks in the trade. We mustn’t forget that Indian democracy can be run in the existing manner only until the population is bereft of literacy. When the subject of a nation get to know and understand their rights to determine, it becomes arduously difficult for political gimmickry to manage their shows on typical “run of the mill” formula.


Interestingly every party has to its credit unresolved  matters related to pecuniary benefits. But thankfully not a single case barring ND Tiwari’s paternity test has come to fore in illuminating the vivid tastes of our politicians. Perhaps it’s the outcome of unwritten norm to keep the Brothers with loose pyjama strings untouchables; and look at the plight of our neighbours, they have the dubious distinction of one, heading a dysfunctional country and two, their politicians are mired in continuous controversies over their aphrodisiac propelled behavioural disorder. After Ayesha Jalalai who accused the flamboyant cricketer turned politician Imran Khan of making Indecent proposals, it’s another Ayesha, Ahad now, who is claiming to have wed Hamza Sharif, nephew of court ousted Nawaz Sharif, in 2010 and not keeping his word. She too is seeking institution of a Parliamentary committee to probe her matter for justice on the lines of the Imran’s case. See, what a transparent system they have in place and we relentlessly cast aspersions on the conduct and fairness of their dispensations. Shouldn’t our leaders take some cue from them? Every thing is hushed up around here, from defence deals to Vyapam to khemka’s much hyped land deals to ASIAD games Coal blocks and pre demonetisation   bulk gold purchases to overnight investments in real estate. All is brushed aside and the Nation is fooled around with “Mann ki Baat”. India actually is a great country. Everything is conveniently managed from BMW mowing to  the celebrity misadventures in wilderness , you name it , all is well taken care of.  When it comes to demonetisation tall claims to unearth the black money goes up in a fluke as the FM still seems clueless about the actual figure. Besides, the Tax base has nothing to show off. Marginal increase despite such a strenuous exercise. Ironically people have short lived memory and survival issues to let the government mind its business any which way. One wonders why this Mann ki Baat has no effect on the Party in power. Is this awakening and shaking intended to stir the soul of a common man who is already reeling pathetically under burden of changing tax structures of even the Nationalised Banks leave aside the GST wherein even the cost of the women’s monthly imperatives are seen as a privileged article and thus put in a higher tax bracket. Now who is burdened here , is a question nobody cares to take.

Going a little more haywire, what shook me was the casual manner in which the Haryana CM brushed aside the stalking of Chandigarh IAS officer’s daughter a mere individual incident that law would deal. How indifferent attitude exhibited by leader of a party that promotes and projects itself the game changer in the history of India. Well one has to patiently wait for the next Mann ki Baat to understand how all the CCTV cameras suddenly went down at all the major intersections of a UT. Or it will be dealt on the pattern of Gauraksha samitis taking law unto itself to uphold the faith by lynching innocents on flimsy and unsubstantiated grounds. Will the country ever know what action has been initiated to deal with the unscrupulous elements within the organisation. Will the mature looking CMs actually behave like one. How disgusting and absurd is the state of affairs. I am sure non of us can imagine the nightmare such victims and their families have to go through after such harrowing experience. I am sure the realisation can only come only when all those high and mighty have to go through the ordeal themselves.

The wheels of Fortune are too unpredictable to be understood . Ask the Yadavs of UP and Bihar. Who would be better placed to agree and share. Thankfully the ruling party is saved of the compounded Monopoly burden, had they ventured into taking them in their fold, that would surely have done the the imminent damage much earlier.

In any case are we actually sincere in accepting the truth and look straight into the face of reality. I doubt, especially when the political parties are in the line of Fire. Then why do we rate ourselves better to Pakistan. Both countries share same DNA, have similar guts to cheat its own people, corruption being the best and common trait widely acknowledged and accepted. And Pakistani national character can be rated shade above the Indians. They have the teeth to defend themselves after brazenly committing the worst without mincing a word. It’s a great art. And speaking of “Na khaaoonga na khaney doonga “ phrase , we have before us the current Gujrat Rajya Sabha elections, horses galloping helter skelter to avoid being traded at any Cost. What a democracy we boast of, shameful isn’t it.

And for how long Indian Democracy will continue to burden itself under the extra baggage thrust upon her under one pretext or the other by the ever deceptive arrangements in place in the Turmoil stricken Valley.  How far it can allow itself to stretch in order to keep the rebellion under stressful control.

Even the monopoly would not be of any help as long as it doesn’t define its agenda and intent explicitly.

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