Barely Enigmatic

Recently while taking a stroll in a nearby park I overheard couple of women who had been to a soothe sayer , discussing optimistically the favourable impact of planets changing their course over the next few days. The Baba had assured them of immense wealth, job to the aspirants, promotions, marriage to the eligible and so on. The women were in complete awe of the foretelling Guru. I was quite bewildered and a thought crossed my mind, what a great place on earth we dwell. Every TV channel has a slot for these God men who sell their discourses at premium fooling the wailing and discontented alike. A society wherein the family is neglected all ends merely to attend a congregation to seek wellbeing of those left behind fending for themselves, only to get suffocated and trampled due to flood of like minded disgruntled souls.
Why didn’t anyone spare a thought to the fact that, had these Godmen be so empowered and enlightened, why couldn’t they foresee what was to befell them. Few years earlier a widely followed dancing Baba having centres and large assets across the country was sent to jail for taking an overdose of some creature’s blood drawn out of its heart and thus unable to keep his Dhoti in place. Now the bearded guy , who passed his potency test successfully, is cooling his heals somewhere in the deserts. An old proverb “There’s an end to everything “ idiotically no one, especially those who’s libido is always in a gravity defying mode, bothers to bother the consequence of Karma. Why do these guys consider themselves above everything, even God Almighty. Perhaps they realised in time , how it all began. And speaking of taking law into their own might, everybody has seen how another stupid in the league (Ram Pal ) dared to take on the state machinery . He wasn’t living in some fools paradise for he had accumulated large Tranche of Arsenal to take on an Army.
And now we have the flamboyant “Messenger of God” latest in the league to embarrass not only the politicians who were at his patronage, but the entire Nation. If he had such a formidable clout the Judiciary could have been requested, if not manipulated, to deal with the case at a hackneyed pace the way many others are being dealt. And if managers found it hard then the Police should have been unshackled to do it’s job. That would have saved many a face in this vote seeking hypocritical country that only boasts and has too little to prove.
When the public, public /assets /machinery/ and life of its citizen is held to ransom by an individual, regardless of the power he wields, it’s the most unpleasant scenario for the peaceful native who chose a dispensation that harped around relentlessly the failed system of the previous regimes. Not only that the country’s image is smitten and smeared to inexplicable extent. Now who’s got the answer to that. The Baton brandishing short statured moustached CM appeared too meek to take a call. His mentors were rushing to another Baba nestled on the banks of Ganges for some “aushdhi” for their sore and choked throats. What a shame not a single leader had the balls to appeal, condemn or castigate what was happening around , they are in a different ball game altogether. They didn’t have the cheek to even to cast aspersions on one another, why ? simple ; all gloves recognise their hands pretty well. If this is the plight of the nation on such frivolous parochial issues why brazenly dare the neighbours of dire consequence. You are only exposing what you are hiding beneath your “kilt with a partition”. One can only seek Divine intervention so that the matter doesn’t go worse. Scores shall die in the mayhem triggered by the aphrodisiac driven rush of the cult leader. The onus shall fall upon the ‘inept ‘ labeled administrative machinery. The buck is likely to be passed on to the ever stopping stooges and the gimmicks shall begin with TV debates and soon another Lalu or Gandhi family scam would be dug for media fodder and public Tamasha to activate the Amnesia virus in the public domain. Thank goodness some right thinking and courageous true son of Bharat Mata had transparent vision to strike the hammer.
And look at the contagious disease (internet ban) that emanated from Kashmir is set to sweep the northern grid. 72 hour blackout is bound for a prolonged extension.
The present day Jalal Agha is all smiles beating his “Dafli” only because the Mehbooba is dancing to his finger tapping to ensure that we too shall have many such Deras across the state obviously because the natives don’t throng to such hallucinating environs, it’s the imminent immigration deluge that shall happen after certain misadventures. So we all, though grimly, prepare ourselves for witnessing our peaceful cities turn into garrisons in the event of any adverse outcome of the case post Diwali.
Peace loving subjects of this state have already been through an endless nightmare for close to three decades now. Even the Garrison commanders are oblivious and groping for a beacon at the end of the treacherous tunnel they have been scouring for so long.
The neighbouring hill state has been reaping the benefits for too long which has rendered the only relevant Industry and dependents impoverished and vulnerable. There are lessons to be learnt though, in dealing and showing exemplary Mehmaan-nwaazi so as to instil a sense of confidence in the visitors mind and not to put them off by resorting to stone pelting or mouthing adjectives . The scars take bloody well long time to heal and bury.
Perhaps, the Heaven is soon rid of the curse, and the Aura and Tapasya of the Sufi saints who inhabited the land could neutralise the jinx and things return to its glorious past.

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