Barely Enigmatic

India never stops amazing. Recent incidents of braid chopping is one such in the endless list of funny epidemic trolls one can’t stop laughing at. Once it was the monkey man , even the National capital got mucked up in the mindless craze. Rakesh OmPrakash Mehra depicted in Abhishek starter Delhi 6. Years later, another foolishly accepted “Kala Kachha” gang appeared and the insanity took several lives and injured scores. All these events are propelled out of the blind faith Indians are prone to fall as easy prey. And the sequel to such unfounded beliefs lead to the Rise of Cults and Sects that mushroom and flourish, driving unaccounted Gullible faith fearing to the gates of countless Deras.
On a visit to my obeisance at a Local Temple, I was amused to notice one of the not so qualified Pujaris handing over few beads with a black thread to a lady who was seeking to build a defence against the ‘Saya’ read ghost, responsible for braid chopping. Now, if a small time guy can work up a remedy for some hallucination, imagine the influence a Ram or Rahim or a BAPU can cast over large congregations they hold. Why is it that such Deras are always thronged by millions of people who submit themselves at the hands of the Befooler.
Besides other frivolous reasons that many wise people would come up, its not difficult to evaluate that Law has little to do with this. It’s the Lawmakers who should be asked this question.
They have a compounded onus to answer and sort that out. For it’s because of the policies which should be framed and implemented for educating the subjects of the country , is their responsibility. If at all a policy is conceived it’s high jacked for parochial reasons. Most of the time the benefits fail to reach the beneficiaries. This ignorance leads to scuttling of the initiative.
Resultantly people lack the knowledge to decide and fail to evolve into a competitive society to make a respectable living. Lack of education leads to poverty and eventually stung by the misery and hopelessness these feeble fable taken lot lands directly into the lap of Dera Heads. And rest we have been enlightened. Please remember, we can’t be lucky each time as seldom do a firm fisted Judge like Jagdeep Singh would be at the bench to hand over such exemplary punishment.
Political parties may do their best to wash their hands off the blood that spilled in the aftermath, but this time even the guy on the street selling ‘Golgappas’ has come to understand the discreet ambiguity these leaders profess. I hold these lawmakers crime at par with the Baba. Had the clandestine activities been under check, things wouldn’t have reached to such alarming stage putting the whole Nation to shame. One wonders how impermeable are the soft tissue cells of these high octane orators can be, after things have been exposed to public domain by the extraordinary guys in the Judiciary and the unbiased media, they still claim to be oblivious of the build up. Every time mishaps are attributed to the ineptitude and lackadaisical handling by the cops and bureaucrats and the politicians walk away with a smile mocking at the plight of their electorate. Heads of these order obeying guys are rolled to cover and clean the muck spilled by the Leaders who are absolved of all their deeds.
Our Prime Minister seems too busy on his Foreign jaunts and periodical rejigs of his cabinet. He cares little about those who adore their “Braids” or faithfully support “Beard”. To date the govt. has failed to come up with the exact details of black or not so black money unearthed by way of demonetisation. Why in the world should they be expected of delivery to the common masses who are yet again in for another foolish joyride in 2019.
Present dispensation has been daggers drawn all along to bleed the last drop of dynastic politics. But we don’t need a RTI activist to seek the figures of similar figures that are swelling with every new state going to polls. The formulas are identical, so is the exploitation. Methods are altered but the results are not very different. The poor man is abandoned over and again.
Be it BRICS or any such forum India is though represented well by the PM and his students, but the fate and plight of the average citizen hasn’t much to care about.
The toll keeps mounting, be it Floods in the east/north east, the infants in UP hospitals, the routine derailments and the worst of all, firing along the LOC or International border. There is hardly any respite on these fronts. Let’s look forward to how Mr. Goel infuses his POWER full experience comes handy in maintaining the railway track seamless and mishap free. Besides, it shall be interesting to watch how well Madam Seetharaman accustoms herself to handle the weaponry which neither allowed to fire on its own nor permitted to exclaim the best options in warfare.
Interesting to see how. “Basanti” handles her “ Dhanno and try her hand at the firearms to bring down the Pakistani Mangoes.
Some of the aspirants were heard complaining to the BaBa over their non inclusion in the recent Cabinet reshuffle, he categorically refused any favours till arrangements are in place to treat his backache by non other than Dr. Honeypreet . And mustn’t we forget that Baba’s beard and braid are revered alike by his close 60 million Premis who are bound to matter in 2019 . Many are watching with baited breath the turn of events in days to come.

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