Barely Enigmatic by Vijay Sharma


In 1978 Farrukh Shaikh starrer ‘GAMAN’, Suresh Wadekar sang a soul stirrer,
“ Seenay me Jalan Aankhon mein toofan sa kyun hai,
Is shahar mein Har shaqs pareshaan sa kyun hai,”

Decades past , this rendition penned by famous lyricist Shaharyaar
still ring in the ears and discomfort continues in the chest, for the tribulations of the common Shaqs have remained unchanged . He is still grappling for succour and a stranger stares at him every time he looks into the mirror. Notable change in society and lifestyles have come across a long and big way yet, there’s simmering discontent that drives a man to extreme stressful situations and as a result apparently nothing seems to have changed .
Suicides among the farmers is relentlessly on the rise , The govt. has failed on all fronts. Reshuffles have abysmally failed to bring about any significant change, be it train accidents, shelling across the border, inflation in every sector is swelling by the hour. Govt. is accumulating by levying duties of monstrous proportions yet no one seems to figure out who the actual beneficiary is. Health and Medicare policies are nowhere to be seen benefitting the masses.
The principal obligation of the dispensation of the day is to repose and instil a Sense of confidence in the mind of it’s subjects. Unfortunately the heart burn is accentuating, putting the hapless in lurch. No one cares to address the grievance and things are getting worse by the day with no respite in sight. The Valley unrest has devastated unaccounted families from all faiths. From meek Kashmiri pandits to youth on the street and from qualified professional to the vegetable vendor alike, many have been mercilessly maimed at the hands of the demon of turmoil . In the process gradual decadence has delivered the Valley to ruins reminiscent to medieval times. Three decades of neglect and abject surrender to mis governance has rendered the entire state miserable and distressed. And as a consequence the disease has spread to the entire country in one form or the other. On one hand the Commander in chief is busy building his own image across the globe , on the other hand the country is grappling with its own problems of unchecked price rise , job security and border skirmishes.
Though the ranting about Make in India goes on unabated , fact remains that every sector, be that public and private, is conferring bulk assignments on the Chinese companies . It will be advisable for the government to purchase few million bicycles from China as soaring Oil prices will soon force the automobile owners to permanently ground their vehicles in their garages.
That shall keep Indians both financially safe and physically fit. No need to organise Yoga camps with fanfare involving huge expenditures. No doubt as a prelude to last General elections, continuous Yoga camps in every nook and corner of the country has overwhelmingly helped one particular party to hurl their flag at the hustings. But changing environs in the given scenario shouldn’t be looked down . That could spell devastating consequence to the fortunes of the stakeholders. History has always been witness to many unexpected fates in the past. People may not harbour any ill against any individual but most of the times the parties have borne the brunt of public ire and scenes of deserted party head offices become a feisty fodder for the lensmen.
Ordinary citizen keeps caressing his chest wondering at his stupidity for getting swayed in storm of be fooling Oratory each time he thinks to have applied best of his wisdom. If the fate of AAP has been affected as a result of multiple inept handling, nothing much brighter can exhibited by the ruling combine , the Always supportive Indian diaspora feels much aghast at the ham handed and high headed attitude of the present dispensation.
Ram Rahim is in jail with excruciating backache , poor Honeypreet remains on the run, the Premis are left to fend for themselves, Ryan International school episode tore apart the faith of a wailing mother, TV debates relentlessly moored the responsibility from one guy to the next, LPG subsidy claims, Fuel hike , so on and so on,,,, people cry , sob and eventually surrender and submit to the draconian deals with abject humiliation,
But all those responsible for the mess created all over are busy in their Joy rides with scant regard to those who were affected due to their sham and shoddy deliverance.
The man walking down the street leaving his car back home remembers,,,Suresh Wadkar yet again,,.

“ Tanhaayee ki Ye Kaun si Manzil hai Rafeekon,
Ta hadd e Nazar Ek Byabaan sa kyun hai,,,,”

and yet again fail to figure out an answer to that and decides to turn back at the last light of the day , suddenly hears a horse neigh somewhere in the darkness offering a ride to his exhausted soul, he gleefully accepts and rides away reluctantly to delay his journey back home to avoid confronting a grim situation that may erupt at the scarcity of livelihood commodities.
Perhaps, some fable teller might come up with soul soothing couplet and the pathetically distressed listeners could derive some solace out of it.

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