PM mourns Arjan Singh’s death, hails his leadership in 1965 war

New Delhi, Sep 16 (PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today mourned the death of Marshal Arjan Singh and said India will never forget his excellent leadership in the 1965 India- Pakistan war when the Indian Air Force saw substantial action.

“India mourns the unfortunate demise of Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh. We remember his outstanding service to the nation,” he tweeted.

Modi said the determined focus of Singh, who was promoted to the five-star rank of Marshal of the Air Force in 2002, on capacity building in the IAF added great strength to India’s defence capabilities.

“India will never forget the excellent leadership of Arjan Singh in 1965, when the IAF saw substantial action,” the prime minister said in a series of tweets.

Modi recalled how the ageing war hero stood up to salute him despite his ill health.

“Sometime back I met him, who despite his ill health tried to get up to salute even though I said no. Such was his soldier discipline,” he said.

He said his thoughts were with Singh’s family and those mourning the demise of the distinguished air warrior and a fine human being,” the prime minister added.

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