Sushil Modi compares Narendra Modi era BJP with Vajpayee times

Patna, Sep 22 (PTI) Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi today claimed that during the Vajpayee government there was “dichotomy” between government and party workers but now under Narendra Modi the BJP has created a strong bond between leadership, workers and huge “ideological family”.

“During Vajpayee times there was dichotomy between government and party workers…while people were happy with Vajpayee government, BJP workers were unhappy,” Sushil Modi said speaking at launch of a book “How the BJP wins.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a strong bond between party workers, party’s “ideological family” and the leadership which is helping it win election after elections,” the senior BJP leader said drawing a parallel between Vajpayee era with that of Narendra Modi.

Sushil Modi was speaking after inaugurating the book authored by journalist Prashant Jha here.

Showering praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, he said another factor which pitchfork BJP far ahead of other parties is that “its leadership is visionary and can think out of box.”

He praised Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar saying “Nitish Kumar also has such vision.”

“More than 90 per cent politicians today lack such vision,” he said taking an obvious dig at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Analysing BJP’s winning strategy, Sushil Modi highlighted “risk taking capacity” of present BJP leadership as another important factor which distinguishes it from opponents.

“Narendra Modi as a Chief Minister of Gujarat during a municipal corporation election in that state had changed 100 per cent candidates denying ticket even to long time winners.

I do not see any other party taking such a high potential risk,” he said.

Sushil Modi also highlighted the use of technology by the PM as another victory recipe which yielded massive win for the party in 2014 and still keeps the party far ahead of others in state after states.

Sushil Modi emphasised “credibility” of PM among masses as another plus factor in favour of the party.

“Had it been any other leader than Narendra Modi, demonetisation could have resulted in great loss for a party.

It was because of peoples strong faith in Narendra Modi derived out of his credibility that despite difficulties standing in queue for hours there was no curfew, revolt or disturbance outside any bank during demonetisation,” he said.

Going back into history, the senior BJP leader said “during 1991 the then Prime Minister P V Narsimha Rao did not had courage to announce economic liberalisation policy which was made public by Industry minister of that time.”

Congress MLA from Kadwa in Bihar’s Katihar, Shakil Ahmad Khan, who was present at the function differed with Sushil Modi.

“BJP is winning only because of core tactics of spreading virus of communalism and hate campaign,” Khan said addressing the gathering.

“While BJP is managing to hog the show on big screen on the basis of lies, Congress has succeeded in drawing peoples attention towards failure of BJP during past three years of its rule,” the Congress legislator said.

Author Prashant Jha said he tried to remain “neutral” while writing the book. He said his book underlines the fact that “more than ideology its win after win is also due to their smart marketing by its present leadership.

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