Barely Enigmatic by Vijay Sharma

India got freedom yet it was catching a breath and missing a beat akin to a newly wed bride who would struggle to make herself accustomed to the new Home among the strangest people in the world around her. For years together she could recognise the womenfolk of the household and the children running around the courtyard having very limited clue as to what exactly was going around. India was a virgin Nation and those who took upon the onus to build and shape had unstructured vision to transform. Confabulations were held amongst those who tirelessly struggled to achieve . Everyone forged in their earnest effort to Make the country prosperous and self reliant rid of poverty and famine. Leadership was a combo of east stressed and west oppressed.

Skeptics were hesitant to take chances thus the changes trickled to unnerve the hasty. India was battling hard to catch up with the changing World scenario post the World War-|| . The neighbourhood lacked trust to rely. Cold War only aggravating to the concern on multiple fronts. North Most along with the North East hardly allowed any furlough to the new commanders to sense the brewing game plan of the two neighbours .

Simplicity, gullibility or nativity, what ever we may attribute. The rookies were too complacent to conceive the nefarious design of the enemy that was placed eye ball to eye ball . Aggression in the beginning and middle of the sixties ripped apart and exposed the feeble physical as well as psychological defence more of the leadership and equally of the Nation that was still toddling around the cradle even close to two decades of fractured Independence. The shrewd sprinters while passing the baton made sure that trailing athletes fail to grab and trip to bite the dust and in the process wobble out gracefully.

On the other hand the Cold War widened the wedge between the blocks. Two brothers separated by partition had the only option to walk in opposite directions. The psyche was brutally damaged beyond any scope of reconciliation. Military build up to flaunt the might was the only priority for both the countries. Consequently budgetary provisions for development and other important sectors kept shrinking making way for acquisition of warfare assortments. Leadership on both sides had to deal with colossal challenges to address. Immaturity of leadership drove both to engage in war that dealt severe blow economically as well as losing precious lives. Uncertainty over stability in the region squarely affected development.

Pakistan fuelled unrest in Punjab that continued for decade and a half and later Kashmir which is still on the boil. Nevertheless if Pakistan offered a safe haven for such activities the world community isolated and brought it down on the knees . With the exception of China , who had strategic interests, host of the lending Nations gave Pakis a cold shoulder.
Despite the fact that India would burn the last resource to keep Kashmir as its integral part, Pakistan did not deter and kept Kashmir embroiled that has turned the Heaven into ruins. Unfortunately the natives of the beautiful valley didn’t see the enemy design and fell prey to get swallowed in the conflict. Faithful took it as a call from Him and the shrewd made the most out of the situation which turned from sublime to ugly. Dispensations changed hands yet the climate remained same for decades altogether. Nobody could perhaps figure out as to who desired what. Even the first Party Kashmiris aren’t able to transparently see where they are headed.

We all either admonish or berate their clarity . The logic behind the assemblage at Funeral venues and during the aftermath of even natural calamities to be attributed as an act of oppression by the “ occupation forces “ can’t be understood even by the Top expert on the subject. One wonders if those who jump out and start protesting on the street at the drop of a pin ever understand why and what for they are reacting. “Azadi” from whom ? and what has not been offered over the last seven decades.

The state has the highest per capita employment, with insufficient resources, but the marginal silver lining in tourism sector, it has practically nothing to survive on. Even the routine accident victim’s kin claim government sops to lift the road blockades. It has become virtually a mockery of things. And since the centre has given a fore-signed RBI cheque book , how should it matter to the dispensation to dole out the freebees. The myopic Vision vis a vis understanding the complexity has pushed everyone in quicksand leaving hardly any chance to retrieve. Things would been worse than that of across the Line, had it not been the secular fabric of our system that accommodated and encouraged All and One to pursue their ambition of educational excellence that has catapulted the image of this nation from the land of snake charmers to the best Silicon Valley charmers and space wanderers. No doubt India has the capacity and resources to continue pumping in funds and maintain its forces for another century but the reality is will Kashmir ever realise and rise to admit its blunders .

Or else Mirza Ghalib’s poetic fineness rendered by Jagjit Singh has to be invoked for the reference of those slumbering gentlemen,

“Aah ko chahiye ik ummr asar hone takk,
Kaun jeeta hai, teri zulf ke sar hone takk ”

Humko maaloom hai jannat ki haqeequat lekin,
Dil ko khush rakhney ko, Ghalib ye khayal achchha hai”

Personally I would appreciate if Kashmir grab the opportunity,
Else History never allows the memory to fade, and the scars grow so deep even modern science has little remedy to offer for such incendiaries.

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