Barely Enigmatic

Ever wondered why we persistently complain about not being able to connect with people we would meet so often until some two decades back. Ever pondered why living under the same roof we miss the connect with our dear ones, ever tried to figure out why the number of pharmacy outlets have outnumbered all other health and wonderful joints in almost every locality we visit.
No, Never. For the changing times have rendered us incapacitated to wriggle out the logic.
Can you recall the storyline of any five movies seen in last few years, let’s say two decades ? Any particular song of recent times other than few sung in Sufism immersed lyrics. Why so ? Have our grey cells gone for a toss and actually are greying. Why so much of disconnect with almost every other single thing while standards and lifestyles have raised the bar. Electronics, Automation, Automobile, Technology , you name it , you have the world class at your Finger and Touch. Then why everyone seems and sounds Disgruntled disenchanted and Distressingly distracted . Values, be that moral or social have never seen such a decline. Confidence is at its worst and lowest ebb .

Now wonder why even five year old contestant in a Singing competition can comfortably memorise recite and sing songs of the fifties and sixties, and his caliber is adjudged based on those golden oldies. Movies like “Do Aankhein Bara Haath” “Mother India” “ Do Beegha Zamin” and many more has the power to unseat and unnerve the viewer to introspect his purpose of existence and obligations towards the society and Nation. Why is that writers and directors don’t have the conviction to come up with such subjects that may leave an indelible impact on the psyche of the youth. Our leadership claims we have the advantage of having a very significant percentage of youth in our country, did they ever spell out how to engage them and convert their brimming energy to country’s benefit. By simple Oratory ,only a Sage can create miracles. Practically nothing is showing up and what ever people can see is the graph on the decline.

Elections, first general, then state after state were won. Any which way governments have been anointed. Witch hunting by discreetly using the federal agencies have been put in place to neutralise whosoever posed any threat or resistance. Media too was lured in to air the most suited stories to influence the ever receptive and gullible population. NOW WHAT,,,,,
No one from the ruling combine, if at all there are more than ONE, has the guts and cheek to spell out the Plan of Action, if any. Putting the entire focus on NorthEast and deploying the countries entire defence in the North has not shown any shade of improvement. Framing development councils, pumping in funds, inflicting heavy casualties on the perpetrators may have resulted in some respite but has grimly failed to yield lasting results. Globetrotting has been to the extent of holidaying and photo sessions and big warm hugs to showcase. Foreign Investment is at the lowest ebb. How far and how long the gimmickry will hold the precariously convalescing economy.

Perhaps the man who eagerly tunes in every Sunday to hear what the soothe sayer has to take him in to the fairytale world of dreams , has little clue as to what Yashwant Sinha is actually trying to put across. But mind you Indira Gandhi stormed back to power by handing out humiliating defeat to the likes of indomitable Raj Narayans, and the public which overwhelmingly voted in her party’s favour had a primary grudge against the Morarji govt. Price rise. Can any dispensation hold its ground when the common man realises that he is being fooled by those he adored and admired ? Why is it that the government of the day renders itself inept all of a sudden and makes no practical road map to bring the sagging morale of its populace back to a respectable and secure state. What compels the centuries old democratic fibre turn into smithereens on flimsy pretexts. How are dubious standards allowed to prevail in society and administration remain mook standbys to watch innocent handlers ruthlessly thrashed at the hands of fundamentalists . Where should it be taking India at a time when rest of the world is heading for amazing accomplishments.

Startups are being sponsored by developed nations, why is India yet again loosing on its wealth in youth who strive to excel but are deprived of the opportunity so often. And who has the onus to keep all these unpleasant happenings under check? Needless to say that those who are to safeguard the interest and uphold the dignity and integrity of the Nation simply go about the business as usual and seek to settle personal scores. Arrogance has reached alarming levels and general public goes unheard. Where’s this headed, if opposition is to blame for any vicious propaganda then it has to be countered in a productive and not proactive manner.

The other day the FM at a book release event went on to cast aspersions on a former colleague, he should rather have focused on his job than to engage himself a street might and smite affair.
The country needs governance first, good part shall come along with experience. The haste has to be controlled and monitored well lest the entire system goes for a spinoff. Tackling Kashmir is a gigantic task that has to be dealt with articulate care and sensibility, you can’t push in novices every now and then to keep the experiment lab working. The fumes become ab noxious and may put the players on inebriation to make things more grisly and murky. We mustn’t forget that all beings strive to live in peace, and playing incorrigibly with their innocence can’t go without penance. How long shall the vendor selling “Tujji” on the shores of Dal wander around and wait for good old evenings to etch out a living to tend his family. For as of now he can helplessly gaze at the shadows emerging and subsiding on the serene tresses of The Dal with the rise and fall of the day. Darkness stares at the host and the guest with equal stringency.

In 1991 Mahesh Bhat brought in Talat Aziz to lend his electrifying voice to Rajesh Roshan composed which looks quite relevant to every soul affected in some manner in the wrath and onslaught of the demon of militancy.

“Aaina Mujh se meri Pehli si surat maangey,
Mere apne mere hone ki nishani maangey,,,,”

God would know Best when the Native , wandering in Exile afflicted with disdain, would pardon the one who is looking to salvage the lost pride due to the misdeed at the hands of mass hysteria, would see the Horizon , and Energy emanating from the “ Seat of Power” nestled on the north shore of Dal Lake would prevail to bring back the pristine glory of this Jannat and help mend the shattered homes and sunken hearts.
And the Bard rambling across the maize of lanes overseen from the hillock prepares himself for another fable, for he knows the fate of petitions he made early on and hums his way to what Ghalib once jotted,,,,,,

Qasid ke Aatey Aatey , khat ik aur likh rakhoon ,,,,,
Main jaanta hoon Jo Wo likhengay jawab mein….:::::

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