Naidu condemns terrorism, urges all countries to join hands to

New Delhi, Dec 10 (PTI) India had been confronted by terrorism and extreme violence, which were the worst forms of human rights violation, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said today and called upon all the countries to come together in fighting the menace.

Addressing an event organised by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the occasion of the Human Rights Day here, he also urged the United Nations (UN) to act against terrorism.

Stating that India also faced the challenges of casteism and communalism, which “weaken the spirit of the country” and “disrupt peace”, Naidu said some people used these issues for “personal or political” benefits.

“The Indian democracy has also been confronted by terrorism and extreme violence. Both trample the right to life and liberty of an individual. Any violence and senseless killing is the worst form of human rights violation,” he said.

Asserting that India’s commitment to human rights was a “part of our culture and civilisation”, Naidu said civil and minority rights and secularism were “not simply guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, but they are a part of our DNA”.

“India, as a country, does not have a history of aggression against any country. Even small countries attacked, looted and cheated us…but India has no history of attacking anybody,” he said.

Naidu called for action against those who violated human rights, saying they should be “condemned and isolated”.

The vice president said India was in favour of a friendly relationship with all of its neighbours, but “unfortunately, some people make terror their State policy and try to aid and fund terrorism”.

He urged the UN to take all possible steps against terrorism as the menace disrupted peace, which was essential for the development of a country.

“All the nations, which believe in civilisation, should come together (to fight terrorism)…If somebody, in the name of philosophy and terror, is trying to disrupt peace, is it not the duty of the entire leadership of the world to come together and isolate such forces?,” Naidu asked.

He also said some people in India were trying to “spoil the name of the country” under the pretext of protecting human rights.

Stating that these people advocated human rights protection for terrorists, Naidu said, “Who gave you (terrorists) the right to kill people? Innocent people are killed and then those people raise a hue and cry.”

The comments of the vice president assume significance in the backdrop of protests in certain quarters against the gunning down of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani in Kashmir last year.

“Certain sections believe that power comes from the barrel of the gun. The world over, power has not come from the barrel of the gun. Even if it came (from the barrel of the gun), it was temporary,” Naidu said, adding that change and power came through the ballot.

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