Nationalism is real ideological answer to terrorism: Akbar

Panaji, Dec 15 (PTI) Union Minister M J Akbar today said that terrorists do not believe in the concept of nation-State but in faith-based space, and the real ideological answer to terrorism is nationalism.

The minister of state for external affairs also said that Mahatma Gandhi could end the British rule in India because he found the solution for it in Indian philosophy.

Akbar was addressing the inaugural session of ‘India Ideas Conclave 2017’ organised by India Foundation which is currently underway in Goa.

“I have always argued, that if you think that there is no intellectual answer to terrorism, that there is no ideological answer to terrorism, then you are wrong,” the minister said.

“The real ideological answer to terrorism is nationalism.

And this is true everywhere,” he said.

Akbar said that the power of nationalism will push, drive and repel the terrorist elements away.

Terrorism is not just a “law and order problem” or a problem of somebody introducing violence, he said.

“Two things that make terrorism or faith-based terrorism into an existential challenge include firstly, it challenges the whole concept of the nation-state. It doesn’t believe in the nation-state,” Akbar said.

The minister said what they (terrorists) believe in, is faith-based space, not in the nation-state, he said.

“And this faith-based state then redevelops or re- imagines itself into shibboleths and into short-hand terms like Caliphate and so and so forth,” he added.

The minister said that the terrorists do not believe in the pluralism, which is fundamental to Indian philosophy.

“The most important element, not only of modernity, but of any philosophy (is) going back to the beginning of humanity and that is the co-existence of all human beings as equals,” he said.

The reason why Gandhiji was able to end colonisation is because he found the answer to the worldwide question in Indian thought, the minister said referring to the concept of Satyagraha.

“The big question used to be who can fight a British empire. The common wisdom said that British empire is going to last for 400 years,” he said.

“Gandhiji did not fight the British empire on the basis of Marxism or on the basis of any ‘-ism’. He fought the British empire with the basis of Indian thought and Indian philosophy which is Satyagraha,” Akbar said.

Nobody had recognised the power of Satyagraha, the power of truth, and power of justice in world affairs. This concept was completely alien to the politics of world, he said.

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