Positive buzz for both ‘Padman’ and ‘Padmaavat’: Radhika Apte

Mumbai, Jan 19 (PTI) Actor Radhika Apte is not worried about the box office clash between “Padman” and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmaavati”, and says except for the opening day, both the films should sail smoothly.

“Padmaavat” had to miss its release on December 1 due to protests by Rajput organisations. The film, initially titled “Padmavati”, is now set to be released on January 25 with “Padman”.

Radhika, however, is confident about “Padman” as the audience has so far responded positively to the trailer and the songs. She has also seen the trailer of “Padmaavat” and finds it “amazing”.

“I feel there is positive buzz about both the films and there is an audience for both. It is not even comparable.

There is nothing common between ‘Padman’ and ‘Padmaavat’,” Radhika told PTI.

“The audience will be split and it (films) will open to lesser numbers. The opening will be affected, but I don’t think it will affect the overall game of a film as people want to watch both the films.”

“Padman” is based on the life of Tamil Nadu-based social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham (played by Akshay Kumar), who manufactured low-cost machine for sanitary napkins in rural India. Radhika plays the role of Akshay’s wife in the film.

The actor credits director R Balki for handling the subject of menstrual hygiene in an entertaining way.

“It is a relatable film. I hope people will connect with it emotionally. We have made the film with a lot of thought and emotion. The aim is not to bring about a revolution but to make people openly talk about it.

“Hygiene of women is important. Whenever an advertisement of sanitary pad comes on television, people stop looking at it. This needs to change.”

Radhika says she met Muruganantham’s wife only after the shooting as she wanted to approach the character with a fresh perspective.

“I was aware about the story. When you are making a story, you do make certain changes as real life and cinema are not the same. I like the innocence and simplicity in her, which we have retained in the story.”

Calling her co-star Akshay a professional actor, Radhika said he was so punctual and strict about his routine that they were able to finish the film on schedule.

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