In Davos Trump will tell world US ‘open for business’: WH

Washington, Jan 24  “America is open for business”, Donald Trump would tell the world in Davos, the White House said on Tuesday, asserting that the US President would reiterate his commitment to domestic and global economic growth and prosperity.

He would make it clear that there cannot be free and open trade if the countries are not held accountable to the rules, Gary Cohen, Director, White House National Economic Council, told reporters at a news conference in Washington.

“At the World Economic Forum, we will reiterate America’s commitment to domestic and global economic growth and prosperity, strengthen close ties with other world leaders, and catalyse international business support for the President’s agenda,” he said.

Cohen said Trump will reiterate that a prosperous America benefits the world and when the US grows, the world grows.

“The President will continue to promote fair economic competition,” he said.

Trump is the first US President to attend the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in nearly two decades.

Nearly half a dozen of his cabinet colleagues and top officials would be accompanying him.

He leaves for Switzerland on Tuesday and is scheduled to address the World Economic Forum on Friday.

Cohen said the US delegation was going to the World Economic Forum to share Trump’s economic story and to tell the world that “America was open for business”.

“We want the world to invest in America and to create jobs for hardworking Americans,” he said

“President Trump’s policies have led to a rising stock market, low unemployment, and strong GDP growth, and we are growing,” Cohen said.

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