Indiana Senate passes resolution, recognises Sikhs’ contributions

Washington, Feb 22  The Indiana state Senate has passed a resolution recognising the “significant” contributions of Sikhism across the US and in the state of Indiana.

The Senate resolution passed last week acknowledged that Sikhism, which was founded over 500 years ago and is currently the fifth largest religion in the world, “preaches a message of devotion, truthful living, equality of mankind and social justice”.

“Sikhs believe that people of different races, religions, or sexes are equal in the eyes of God and in the full equality of men and women,” the resolution emphasised.

The resolution concludes by highlighting the Sikhs’ “significant contributions” in serving the US, Indiana and its communities as well as by stating that the faithful service of the Sikh community to Indiana and America “merits appreciation as an integral thread in the fabric of American plurality”.

Authored by Senator Aaron Freeman and Senator Jack Sandlin, the resolution was adopted on February 15 and presented to SikhsPAC, a political action committee representing American Sikhs, chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa in open session on February 19, a statement said.

“As Sikhs, we hold unity, dignity, respect, social justice, peace and prosperity as key tenets of a healthy, happy, holy life,” Khalsa said.

“During the invocation, I shared these values with our great legislators and asked for blessings upon our children, our educational institutions, the wellbeing of our elderly and those serving in the military” he said.

State Senator Sandalin said the traditions and culture of Sikhism contributed to the vibrancy and diversity of the state.

“With about 3,500 Sikh-owned businesses in Indiana, Sikhs have become one of the fastest growing business communities in our state, living a life of devotion and truthful living.

“I was proud to present the Sikh community with a resolution and was moved by the prayer they offered before yesterday’s Senate session meeting,” Sandalin said.

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