Medical camp by Army in collaboration with BWF

A medical camp was organised by Dagarpura Army Camp in collaboration with Borderless World Foundation, a Maharashtra based NGO.
 Keeping in mind the limited medical facilities available in the area, a total of 14 civil Medical Specialists along with RMO, 5 RR were present at the medical camp. The medical specialists included 02 paediatricians, 04 general physicians, 02 gynecologists, 03 ENT specialists and 04 opthalmologists.A total of 316 people turned up for reaping benefits of the camp which included 174 men, 91 ladies and 51 children.The medical specialists participated wholeheartedly in the event and advised the locals to maintain their health.The locals, on the other hand, were extremely thankful to the Army for organizing the camp and assured them that such initiatives taken by the Security Forces are rapidly strengthening the ‘Awaam- Jawan’ bond.

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