Vendors sensitized about hygienic preparation of food

JAMMU, JULY 27: The vendors selling cooked and processed here in city areas and on the outskirts were taught the ways to cook and keep the food in hygienic conditions during a weeklong awareness programme organized by Drugs and Food Control Organization.
A team by Assistant Commissioner, Food Safety Jammu, Dr Parvesh Kumar, along with Food Safety Officers organized series of awareness cum training camps for street food vendors located at Railway Station Trikuta Nagar, Gandhi Nagar and Janipur which were attended by a large number of stakeholders. The participants were mainly from Rehari Zone Gandhi Nagar and outside Railway station.
The Assistant Commissioner Food Safety, made the participants aware about the ways to keep food in hygienic conditions, its processing, storing, cooking and serving to customers. The vendors were asked to use good quality spices, avoid MSG, coloring agents and maintain personal hygiene right from head to toe including cutting of nails and shaving of beard.
They were also told not to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes/ Biddies while cooking and serving food to customers.
Later, the team also gave similar tips to workers at the langers situated at various places in Jammu Municipal area.

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