People here in India are anxiously keeping an eye on transition of power from one executive regime to other. Now it is to be seen which delivery, cricketer turned politician – Imran Khan – is going to bowl on political pitch where Army dictates terms and conditions. Biggest question that is haunting everybody in South Block is:


Will Imran be able to work on divergence with Pakistan Military to create some space for convergence with India?

One has doubts. There are three reasons for that. One: Imran Khan’s deadly embrace with existing Military, Mullah and Mujahid nexus will hardly leave any scope for former cricketer to run extra mile to script new chapter of peace and prosperity with India.

Pakistan watchers feel that be it Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharief or any other Pakistani neta, none can improve relations with India, unless Pakistan shuns it’s policy of bleeding India thousand cuts.

Second: Propped up, promoted and projected by Pak Army, Imran Khan is only expected to take dictation from Rawalpindi Hq so far as Kashmir strategy is concerned.

Already this was visible during his first address to nation. He did not utter a single word about initiating steps to rein in terror emanating from Pakistani soil to bleed India. Reason: He cannot afford to annoy people like Hafiz Syed – a global terrorist – used as strategic asset against India by Pakistan Military establishment.

Third: By raking up Kashmir in his very first public address, he has already hit the roadblock so far as dialogue with India is concerned.More than striking reconciliatory chord with India, he tried to instigate people in Kashmir Valley by a portraying Indian Army as violators of human rights of Kashmiris.

In such scenario, one can hardly expect much from this newly elected leader. He seems to be non committal to bring 26/11 and Pathankot perpetrators to book. He should not forget that promoting terror is like feeding Frankenstein’s monster that will swallow Pakistan in days to come.


By rubbing shoulders with Islamists and terror elements how come Imran can ever think of making Pakistan of Jinnah dreams. Let me remind Imran that Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan was not rooted in religious piety. Although he was Shia Muslim – a minority sect of Islam in Pakistan – he apparently spent little time in mosques or in studying Quran. Extremism has no place in his views either.

Many here in India will argue that if that was the case then why he chose separate nation for Muslims? Jinnah saw separate Pakistan as a haven where they could practice their religion to whatever degree of piety they desired. Founded for Muslims, it would not be a secular state but would in many ways act like one in advocating tolerance and diversity.

But here Imran Khan has compromised with radicals and extremist elements to walk into corridors of power. His ex wife, Jemima Goldsmith, while congratulating Khan for his victory also tried to remind him that he should not forget the real reason that 22 years back led him to jump on bandwagon of politics.


This is known fact that Gen Zia’s working had great influence on Imran Khan’s life in later stages, especially his decision to join politics. Imran Khan himself says. In his autobiography, ‘Pakistan: A Personal History’, Imran Khan discusses at great length his admiration for and recruitment into politics by Zia ul Haq. Like Zia – Imran too is projecting himself as Islamist. In his very first address he has aligned himself with Islamic nations like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. By doing so he is trying to change his image from London days when he used to sport T shirt with slogan: big boys play at night – now to depict himself as pious muslim. in the process he has openly advocated for hardline issues like blasphemy to get votes in the Pakistan Elections 2018. The PTI chairman and cricketer-turned-politician made it clear, if voted to power has announced to turn the country into an Islamic welfare state.

Ahmadis, who are designated non-Muslims in Pakistan’s Constitution, are living in fear after mainstream politicians like Imran Khan openly started advocating blasphemy.
Leader who instils fear among minorities with his words and action cannot even dream of laying foundation for Naya (New) Pakistan.


Imran Khan, who is set to become Pakistan’s premier, tried to project himself as PM of Aam Aadmi. He said he will not live in the official residence of the prime minister and the “lavish” house will be converted into a public space like an educational institution. This reminds one of Arwind Kejriwal, who too had earlier declared not to stay in bigger house meant for CM. But few days later he was seen looking for duplex structure.
More than such political stunts what actually is required of Imran khan is to feel pulse of Pakistani Junta. And people of Pakistan have already rejected terror by not allowing any of Hafiz Sayed’s candidates win elections. This should be an be an eye opener for Khan. Least he can do is stop hobnobbing with such elements who are not only threat to peace, but liability for Pakistan.

Last but not least, before blaming Indian media for projecting him as Bollywood villian, he should have spared few minutes to go through thousands of tweets to atleast have an idea, what people back home think about him. This will happen only if he starts looking beyond lines of script prepared by Rawalpindi Hq.

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