Govt accepts resignation of 10 medicos

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 10: The Government today accepted resignation of 10 doctors forwarded by the Director Health Services, Jammu.

The doctors whose resignation has been accepted include Dr Pankaj Gupta, Consultant Anesthesia; Dr Naveen Bhagat, Medical Officer; Dr MusaratJabeen, Medical Officer; Dr Aneet, Medical Officer; Dr Himanshu Sharma (MS Surgery); Dr Sheetal Ganjoo (MD Pead) Medical Officer; Dr Sanjay Gupta (MS Surgery) Medical Officer; Dr Ankush Singh Kotwal (MS Surgery) Medical Officer; Dr Mohammad Toseef Khan (MDS) Dental Surgeon and Dr Satyankar Gupta (DNB Medical Oncology) Medical Officer.

The Government has also ordered that the past services rendered by these doctors shall be forfeited and the services rendered by these doctors, if any, shall not be counted for the purpose of pension as has been laid in case titled KC Sharma Vs State of J&K 2010(3) JKJ HC-908.

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