Economy is doing good under NDA govt: BJP

The BJP today said the economy is doing good under the NDA government. Party spokesperson Sambit Patra said during the Narendra Modi dispensation, India has become one of the six largest economies in the world. He was reacting to the claim by the Congress that UPA-1 and UPA-2 governments delivered the highest decadal growth since Independence. Speaking to media in New Delhi, Mr Patra said the UPA regime was unable to check Current Account Deficit and rising inflation.

Earlier in the day, Congress spokesperson and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram cited data to prove that the average growth rates under the UPA governments were better than those under the NDA rule. Addressing a press conference in national capital, he claimed that the average growth rate under the UPA-1 was 8.36 per cent as against 5.68 per cent during the NDA-1.

Mr Chidambaram also claimed that the average growth rate during the UPA-2 was 7.68 as compared to 7.33 per cent under the NDA-2, so far.

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