Charri Mubarak to reach holy cave on Aug 26

Srinagar, Aug 20: The Charri Mubara, the holy silver Mace of Lord Shiva, left here on Monday to reach the cave shrine of Amarnath in south Kashmir Himalayas on August 26, when the 60-day-long pilgrimage which commenced from June 28 will conclude.

“Bam Bam Bolay” and “ Har Har Mahadev” rented in the air when Mahant Deepdendra Giri, carrying the Mace left the Shri Amareshwar Temple Dashnami Akhara, Budshah Chowk near here at 0730 hrs.

Earlier, puja was held in the temple by Mahant Giri, custodian of the holy Mace.

Mahant Giri said he will pray for peace and prosperity in the country, particularly in the Kashmir valley. He said people irrespective of their faith have always supported the annual pilgrimage in the valley. The support of local population was necessary for the success of the pilgrimage.

Till early 90s the holy Mace was being taken in a procession from Dashnami Akhara to holy shrine with night halts at several places. However, for security reasons the Chhari Mubarak is now being taken in a vehicle to Pahalgam base camp after brief halts at different temples, where traditional puja is held.

He said the Chhari Mubarak will have night halt at Pahalgam on August 20 and 21. The yatra will leave for Chandanwari, the first halting station on traditional pilgrimage route. The Mace will leave Chandanwari, which is also connected by road on August 22 morning to reach Sheshnag, where it had night halt on August 23. After having night halt at Panchtarani the Mace will leave for holy cave on August 25.

Finally, the holy Mace will reach the holy cave on August 26 on the occasion of Sharavan Purnima(Rakshabandan). He said after a day-long Pujan in the cave shrine, the Mace will start return journey immediately after sunset.

Mahant Giri advised the sadhus and members of civil society who intend to join cavalcade of Holy Mace to get themselves registered as only registered pilgrims with valid yatra permit having start date of 23.08.2018 from Chandanwari route shall be allowed to accompany Chhari-Mubarak during the pilgrimage.

He said Mahadev Gir Dashnami Akhara Trust, Srinagar has made all the arrangements for Sadhus coming from across the country for annual pilgrimage for their food and comfortable stay at Akhara Building, Budshah Chowk, Srinagar.

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