Child care rooms for new mothers at Jammu Airport

Jammu, Sep 6: The upgraded Jammu Airport has not only become one of the finest airports of the country but is also facilities loaded including child care rooms, which has become a centre of attraction for the passengers visiting to the airport.

‘Child care room’ or commonly called as ‘Baby care room’ is one of the major facilities introduced, having all necessities for the mother and the child.

“The present Jammu airport is among country’s one of the best airports”, DK Gautam, Station Director, Jammu Airport said.

When the airport was upgraded, idea about introducing all facilities inside airport premises were kept in mind and ‘child care room’ is one such facility that was introduced, Mr Gautam further said.

“Child Care Room facility can help mothers travelling with infants to feed their children and carry on with other activities related to the child”, the Station Director added.

The interiors of the room were designed in a manner to appeal children with electric cattle, dustbins, soft toys.

“Both the rooms have attached toilets and four to five kids can be accommodated in each room at a time ,” said Mr Gautam adding that strollers have also been introduced for waiting mothers.

” Besides, doctors are appointed by the government till the last flight takes off,” he said.

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