People’s democratic rights violated by postponing elections, says former Sri Lankan President

In Sri Lanka, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has charged that the people’s democratic rights are being violated by postponing elections in the country.

Addressing the rally of protestors gathered in capital Colombo last evening, Mr. Rajapakse said the country is heading towards an autocratic form of governance rather a democratic rule and it is their responsibility to restore democracy by forming a new government.

He claimed that democracy has disappeared from the country and that the government is continuing to delay elections in fear of defeat.

The 12-hour protest came to an end around midnight as thousands of people marched on the streets to show their support for the former leader.

Son of former President and MP Namal Rajapaksa said the protest was the first step towards bringing down the government and forcing it to hold early national elections.

A government minister, however, asserted that the protest was in fear of special courts system established by government to expedite legal cases against former regime.

The alliance led by Rajapaksa had registered victory at the local body elections held in February while the elections to provincial councils have been delayed in the country.

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