Karvan-e-Aman bus leaves for PoK

Srinagar, Sep 10: The Karvan-e-Aman bus, operating between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK), left here on Monday to cross over to Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK), official sources said.

The bus with 25 passengers, including three women, left Srinagar this morning, sources told media.

They said the bus has since reached Trade Facilitation Centre (TFC), at Uri where more passengers will board it before leaving for Kaman post, the last Indian military post on Line of Control (LoC). The exact number of passenger traveling to PoK to meet their relatives separated due to partition in 1947, they said.

Similarly, passengers coming from PoK will also be known in the evening, sources added.

The number of passengers from PoK declines during winter when it is cold here while it increases during summer when the weather remained pleasant. Similarly, the number of Kashmiris crossing over to PoK increases during winter and goes down in summer.

The bus, introduced on April 7, 2005, has helped thousands of families divided in 1949 to meet each other after India and Pakistan agreed to allow travel of state subjects from both sides in the bus on Travel Permits instead of International Passports.

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