Kashmiri Pandit Organizations observe Martyrs Day, seek justice for community.

Coming together at a united platform under the aegis of All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference, all prominent organizations of Kashmiri Pandit community held a massive protest demonstration today outside Raj Bhawan, Jammu to observe the Balidan Divas / Martyr’s Day , paying homage to hundreds of Martyr’s of the community members, the representatives of Indian Nation whom were butchered by Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Over 1441 members of this community were killed, tortured and raped purely because they represented the idea of India in Kashmir and were the emblems of nationhood. The killings continued till the complete valley was completely cleansed of its aboriginal race. The remaining out of this vicious and bloody campaign had to flee and take refuge in Jammu, Delhi and other parts of country leaving behind centuries old spiritual, cultural and social relics which contributed to the existence of this community in Kashmir. The terrorists didn’t not stop at the attainment of their set objective of religo ethnic cleansing, further unleashed waves of barbaric acts though sets of merciless killing at Sangrampora, Budgam (1997), Gool Udhampur (1997), Wandhama, Ganderbal (1998), Nadimarg (2003) over remaining community members to establish the reign of terror and barbarity.
While speaking on the occasion in Jammu Advocate Ravinder Raina, President ASKPC, lamented that the sacrifice and resilience of the community over last 28 years has gone unrecognized by successive governments both at State and Central levels. The government at both levels has miserably failed to address the core issues of this displaced nationalist community, said Adv Ravinder Raina while paying homage to the unsung Martyrs.
On this occasion at Jammu, a special Kalash was kept for the community members who participated in this commemoration. This Kalash, said the General Secretary ASKPC, Dr T K Bhat is an embodiment of the battered and brutalized soul of Martyrs who have not received justice till date. He further added that these brutalized souls will continue to haunt this country and nation till absolute justice is not meted to them and all the community members living in exile for last 28 years. The Kalash was later immersed in River Chanderbagha at Relief Commisioners office, Canal.
Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora delegates under the leadership of Col Tej Tikoo met the Union Minister of state for home affairs Sh.Hansraj Ahir, today 14th September 2018 8.30 am IST at 2 Safdarjung Lane. Col Tikoo addressed the Minister and apprised him of the current situation of Kashmiri Pandits and our disappointment that since our exodus no steps have been taken to meet any of our demands.He reminded the minister that we have a 5000 year old history and are important stakeholders in Kashmir.We have strong faith in the leadership of Modi ji and would like the home minister to deliver our memorandum to him which has been signed by KP organisations in India and across the globe.He also told him that the same memorandum is being presented today on the pious occasion of Balidan Diwas to GOI representatives in major Indian cities (Jammu, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune) and high commissions and consulates across the world (US,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Canada,Finland,Germany)in the spirit of one voice ,one community,one demand.

Dr Surinder Koul read the memorandum to the minister.He also apprised the minister that the community aspirations outlined in the Margdarshan resolution 1991 have remained unfulfilled till date. Kashmiri Pandit community demands:
1. Constitutional arrangements for the return and rehabilitation of all seven hundred thousand Displaced Kashmiri Pandits in a separate, single, concentrated Homeland carved out in the Valley of Kashmir.

2. The Constitution of India along with all associated laws and provisions be allowed to flow freely in the newly created geo-political territory without the shackles of Article 370 or Article 35A.

3. A high-power Tribunal with constitutional authority to establish which causal factors were responsible for the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and bring the perpetrators to justice.

4. An immediate appropriate authority, vested with powers flowing directly from the Centre, to urgently implement suitable measures for protecting the millennia-old social, cultural and religious legacy of Kashmiri Pandits, which otherwise is fast facing obliteration at the hands of a radicalised mindset.

The same memorandum was presented to the Prime Minister of Indian through Ambassadors and Consulate Generals across all major countries of world.

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