Police killings: Stakeholders must understand significance of resolving the dispute, Rasheed says

Srinagar : Asking India and Pakistan to move beyond symbolism, MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Friday said that Ministers of the two countries meeting at the side lines of UN Assembly session will yield nothing, unless the two countries don’t recognize the sufferings, sacrifices and rights of people of J&K.

The spokesman said that unless New Delhi doesn’t give up adopting the media-driven state policies, not only Kashmiris but the entire subcontinent will continue to bleed. Loss of human lives is always unfortunate but hollow condemnations fetch nothing, especially when they are selective in nature.

Rasheed added that Kashmiris are the biggest advocates of dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad but if the two countries do it without any agenda, humanity will continue to bleed one or the other way.

Rasheed accused Congress of playing a shameless role on Modi government’s peace initiatives with Pakistan. He said that while some Congress leaders support the talks but most of them are always on their toes to criticize Modi’s peace initiatives with Pakistan.

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