Defence Acquisition Council approves procurement of one thousand engines for T-72 tanks

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved procurement of 1,000 engines for fitment in T-72 tanks of the Army at an approximate cost of over 2,300 crore rupees.

The Defence Ministry said in a statement that the engines will enhance mobility, agility and acceleration of T-72 tanks making them more versatile and effective in the battlefield. The statement said, post-transfer of technology, most of these engines will be manufactured by Ordnance Factories Board.

The DAC has also approved several amendments to Defence Procurement Procedure 2016, the manual governing the defence procurements. The decision has been taken to reduce timelines in defence procurement and streamline the process.

The significant changes include limiting the time period for executing Repeat Order to five years after the date of completion of warranty of final delivery in the previous contract.

Repeat Order provisions have also been extended to procurements by other services like the Central Armed Police Force and Border Roads Organisation.

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