‘Forces set our house on fire during night’, militant’s family allege

Srinagar : The spat between the Government forces and militants continues in South Kashmir and becomes much murkier with each passing day.

In a recent incident, father of the slain Hizb commander Sameer Ahmed (Tiger) in Drubgam area of district Pulwama on Thursday alleged that a joint team of the army and police on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday sprinkled Kerosene oil around the residential house and then set it on fire, resulting in damage to the house.

The family alleged that they were inside the house when the fire was set to the house, and it was due to the timely action of the neighbours that the fire was brought under control and the family was rescued.

“I was sleeping when I heard some voices from outside. I woke up and peeped through the window and saw an army and police had laid cordon outside. I thought they will ask us to come out by to my surprise they didn’t,” the family alleged.

They said a portion of the house is now damaged and some fodder for animals was also damaged in the fire.

Earlier, a series of abductions of relatives of policemen by militants was reported in South Kashmir, following the allegations of police harassment of their family members and government forces torching houses of the militants. However, those incidents were denied by the police later.

Meanwhile, SSP Pulwama told media that police are ascertaining the facts and police are also calling the family to the police station to know what actually has happened.

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